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We are excited to showcase a selection of webinars featuring our products and solutions. We hope you find these webinars interesting, and contribute questions, debate, and reaction to the issues posted in each of the LinkedIn discussion threads.

Please join us to learn, share and experience the latest integrated asset performance management technology developments.

Integrated Asset Performance Management Webinars
Intro to Integrated Asset Performance Management
The Journey to Integrated APM
Making APM Work: Implementing Integrated APM

Plant wide condition monitoring webinars
Going Remote- Hosted by Hydrocarbon Processing

In oil and gas and power gen plants, restricted access and limited movement of people introduces new operational risks. Energy operations are essential to meet the on-going demands of our communities. Thus, asset anomalies must be analyzed and correlated with continuing urgency to maintain asset and plant availability. Learn how condition monitoring – via remote hosting, monitoring and diagnostics – is enabling distant support to better protect and preserve machinery and operations worldwide

Next generation - Wireless Ranger Pro

This webinar will describe how the Ranger Pro system can help you get greater data density on your plant's essential assets, as well as how to get data safely from areas that are hazadrous to human health. It will also feature a live demonstration of the system's temperature capturing capability.

Plant wide Solutions - A Bently Nevada Overview

Making the transition from critical-only condition monitoring to plant-wide asset management has the potential to elevate a plant to best-in-class status. Register today to learn how you can make a case for Plant-Wide Condition Monitoring. Unleash the true potential of your Maintenance and Operations teams.

Bently HOST | Outcome Based Asset Health Management Program

Bently HOST enables you to connect all your production assets’ condition monitoring edge devices to our renowned System 1. Hosted and monitored by our domain experts, you can get real-time asset health insights to support decision making and O&M planning. With an all-in-one monthly subscription fee, customers can still take advantage of all the System 1 capabilities, data and Bently Nevada expertise to mitigate maintenance blind spots and exposure to financial, personnel, and environmental risks.

Plant wide Asset Reliability – Getting easier?

Is it getting easier to do more with plantwide reliability?  This webinar will share 3 main ways we say the answer to this question is a resounding yes. Learn how!

System 1 webinars

This webinar series aims to unlock the different features of System 1 and provide you with road map to its full potential.

System 1 Evolution, with an intense focus on plantwide device integration and Condition Monitoring workflow
Flagship Condition Monitoring Software

During this informative webinar we will discuss Use Cases for System 1, and how it enables you to manage your assets with Clarity & Context. We'll explore how Connectivity, Analytics and Visualization combine to form a complete solution. A short demonstration of System 1 will be provided. 

System 1 v21.1 Planned Capabilities-NEW
System 1 Full Potential

This webinar series aims to unlock the different features of System 1 and provide you with road map to its full potential. Bently Nevada expert Ibrahim Seydaliyev will share the different features of System 1 and guide you through the establishment of efficient and accurate alarm architecture and analytics. 

Turbomachinery Image
System 1 - Turbomachinery International

In turbomachinery operations, condition monitoring using traditional technologies provides effective protection. It can be greatly enhanced, however, when process and control data are included as additional inputs into the monitoring system. Therefore, having a connected condition monitoring platform with the ability to import and export other types of data is essential to an overall asset health monitoring strategy. In this webcast, learn about the important aspects of connectivity that can be achieved through the use of additional types of data in a connected condition monitoring and analysis platform, with real-world examples of outcomes.

Decision Support Funnel condition monitoring software, condition based maintenance, vibration monitoring, machinery monitoring, predictive maintenance software, preventive maintenance programs, bently nevada
System 1 through Decision Support

Decision Support and InsightPaks: Where we are now and what is on deck for future enhancements/capabilities

Digital Asset Management Transformation: Bently Nevada's Orbit 60

Listen to our experts as they share their insights behind this new platform and how it can significantly reduce initial and ongoing costs associated with permanent monitoring while delivering superior capabilities and superior results.  Webinar Insights and Overview - here

Industrial Control Systems
Digital Asset Management Transformation: Bently Nevada's Orbit 60

Listen to our experts as they share their insights behind this new platform and how it can significantly reduce initial and ongoing costs associated with permanent monitoring while delivering superior capabilities and superior results.  Webinar Insights and Overview - here

Your Digital Journey to Plantwide Condition Monitoring
Orbit 60 - Overview, Cost Savings and Product Demo

In this webinar you will hear more of how our experts provide their insights on the concepts and dynamics behind this new hardware and how the platform can significantly reduce installation and operating costs.

Orbit 60 _digital asset transformation
Next Gen Condition Monitoring and Protection Platform

The Orbit 60 will disrupt the current Condition Marketing and Monitoring market as Bently Nevada continues its leading position. Listen in as we describe how Orbit 60 will help you drive cyber security and reduced installation costs, all while providing greater functionality than any products currently on the market.

Orbit 60 Trademarks 2
Introducing Orbit 60

Orbit 60 is the latest Protection and Condition Monitoring System offered by Bently Nevada.  Learn how it makes cyber security a worry of the past, explore how its remote I/O can save you real money, and how it’s been designed to reduce spares while unlocking world class Roller Element Bearing Diagnostics.

Industry-Based Webinars
Enabling Condition Based Maintenance for Pulp & Paper

How to reduce downtime and increase productivity to learn how you can improve the efficiency and reliability of your mill assets to protect and enhance your bottom line whilst safeguarding against any unforeseen unplanned downtime.

Condition Monitoring for Mines: How to Reduce Downtime

A mining operation’s reliance upon its machinery has never been as important as it is today. It’s essential that mining operators can rely on their equipment to function at full capacity for the entirety of its planned useful life. Unreliable assets can have an enormous negative impact on production and profit- not to mention the possible risk to human life and the environment. That is why today’s top companies are focused on solving how to reduce unplanned downtime while still saving money and improving their bottom line. 

Join us on March 24th to learn how you can optimize your mining operation and achieve better uptime, efficiency, and profitability. 

Digital Transformation of Hydro Reliability Programs

Hydro power generation operators are striving to digitally transform their operations to meet an increase in Wind and Solar power sources on the grid. As Hydro plants transition from base load to load following, new stresses are being placed on these aging assets, necessitating more advanced monitoring and reliability techniques and technologies.

During this webinar, we will explore four phases of a digital transformation journey as it relates to Hydro turbine reliability and condition monitoring programs. We will discuss the use of sensors, data replication, analytics and fleet management software to improve visibility of operations and ultimately enable smarter operational and maintenance decisions.

Solutions to Protect, Inspect and Monitor Wind Turbines

Reliable plant performance is critical for the wind industry due to its unique challenges: remotely located assets, unpredictable weather, high efficiency-losses, expensive logistics and competitive energy-market prices. Baker Hughes' portfolio of solutions can enable reliability-based maintenance practices that will help mitigate these risk factors, maximizing returns of any project.

Condition Monitoring solution for desalination & waste water

In this webinar we will discuss the prevalent technologies for desalination, crucial assets, their applications, and how optimized condition monitoring solutions can play an important role in the asset management infrastructure. We will also cover how Bently Nevada solutions can enable the digitalization and centralization of Asset Management meeting the unique challenges of this industry moving forward.

Back to the Basics Webinars
Introduction to Condition Monitoring

In this webinar you will be able to Identify potential issues before they impact production with proactive condition monitoring from Bently Nevada product line a Baker Hughes Company, Industry leader for 60 years.

Vibration and Dynamic Measurements

Vibration monitoring plays an important role in all condition monitoring programs and there are different types of vibration transducers with different vibration signals received from each transducer, this webinar introduces you to typical transducers types, how they operate and how to select the transducer type for a specific machine based on recommended transducer selection criteria.

Classification and Application Selection

In this webinar we will discuss the Condition Monitoring System functions, components, and architecture. We will also debate the important factors governing selection of the type of Condition Monitoring Systems for a given application.

ABC's of Vibration Analysis

In this webinar we will discuss the utilization of the Vibration signals; How they are processed after measurement, how they are used in analysis, what value they bring, and the platform used to analyze them. Bently Nevada expert Nicolas Péton will share his insights on the importance of vibration analysis and its inherence to Condition Monitoring Solutions.

Back to the Basics - Part I

Intro to Vibration

Learn about the fundamentals of vibration, such as displacement, velocity, acceleration, amplitude and frequency. Understand the differences between sleeve and rolling element bearings from a vibration perspective.

Proximity Probes and Other Sensors

Bently Nevada is well known as the leading manufacturer of proximity probes, but do you know how they work, and where to use them? We also discuss popular seismic transducer operation as well, giving you insights into Velomitors, Velocity coils and Accelerometers.

Intro to 3500

With over 90,000 3500 racks installed worldwide, the 3500 system is found just about everywhere rotating and reciprocating equipment is located. Learn about rack configurations, Power Supply modules and hot swapping cards. Were you aware that even if you don’t connect to System 1, the TDI card still collects data that could be valuable to you if your machine trips?     

Back to Basics - Part II

Turbomachinery Plots

In this short course, we explore the primary plots that our Machinery Diagnostic Services, MDS, engineers & specialists use to understand your machines behavior. Plots covered will be Orbit time-based, spectrum, bode, polar and cascade plots.

Reciprocating Compressor Sensors

Reciprocating compressors are subjected to a lot more cyclic stress than ordinary rotating machines. As a result, they need different sensors to properly understand their condition. Here we will discuss Frame velomitors, Crosshead accelerometers, Rod Position probes, Cylinder Pressure sensors as well as Multi-event Keyphasors.

Plant-wide – Roller Bearing Solutions

Here we discuss the appropriate technologies to address the failure modes of concern for your equipment with rolling element bearings. This will include continuous protection, scanning and portable data collection systems as well as a high-level overview of the techniques utilized to properly diagnose rolling element bearing and auxiliary machinery faults.

Ranger Pro - Wireless Vibration and Temperature

Ranger Pro is our latest wireless system. With over 11,000 units installed globally, learn about its capabilities including imbedded tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer and temperature sensor. Now with advanced capabilities including both ISA 100 and Hart protocols, data on demand and severity-based data collection.

Back to Basics - Part III

System 1 EVO – Our State-of-the-Art Condition Monitoring Solution

System 1 EVO is our latest iteration of our Condition Monitoring software. This short webinar will help you understand the value that condition monitoring software brings to you and your business. There will also be a short demonstration where you can learn about some of the latest functionality released in v20.1.

Thrust - Unraveling the Mystery

Learn about how thrust is measured, and more importantly, how to properly setup a monitor that is measuring thrust.


Training is the cornerstone of your personal development. Here we discuss our latest offering, Remote Training, as well as what each of the courses we offer covers.

Glitch & Runout

Proximity Probes aren’t perfect, close, but not perfect. Their main problem issue is with glitch and runout. This webinar will help you understand how to prepare surfaces to eliminate these issues from the start, and how to mitigate them if they already exist.

Beyond the Basics

Bently Nevada is excited to announce a free, live, and interactive webinar series, “Beyond the Basics.” This three-part webinar series will include 4 webinars each highlighting Bently Nevada’s Product Innovations & Condition Monitoring Solutions!

In this webinar you will learn about the availability of HMI templates and standard offerings of Bently Nevada.

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