Speed up your axle inspections with our Solid Axle Mechanized Testers (SAMT). Designed for integration with the powerful Mentor UT phased array platform, more efficient and reliable A-scans are now possible.


Explore the Benefits
Designed for faster scanning time

Complete more inspections in a day. With our Solid Axle Mechanized Testers, inspect an entire axle in typically less than five minutes (depending on ultrasonic requirements). Grouping functionality eliminates non-relevant portions of A-scans from the display, meaning no wasted time collecting unnecessary information.

Work smarter with the latest technology

Take advantage of the powerful Mentor UT with SAMT mechanics featuring an integrated encoder and specially-designed ultrasonic probes.

  • Custom workflows per axle design with Mentor Create
  • Internal and external storage settings
  • Flexible instrument configuration options, including circumferential resolution (≥ 1°)
  • Easy reporting of results documentation via integrated reporting function of Mentor UT
Compatible with your equipment

Pair with a replaceable phased array transducer with 32 or 16 elements in 2 or 4 MHz with a 0° wedge.

Solid Axle Mechanized Testers

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