Rhythm Enterprise Archive delivers a secure, flexible and vendor neutral DICONDE / ASTM compliant software storage solution for non-destructive testing images and information. Rhythm Enterprise Archive software offers high volume data storage for Oil & Gas or Aerospace industry, deployed on enterprise hardware and server image to readily tie into user's enterprise networks and security frameworks for highly efficient company wide DICONDE data generation, review and storage.

“IW Archive is the only sustainable and scalable data management and storage solution that can handle large NDT data sets, that is truly DICONDE compliant, able to synchronize with cloud and provide effective hands-off storage, recall and search functionality”  Aviation User, NDE Process Engineer, Level III

  • Store and manage DICONDE compliant images.  
  • Capability to be the main engine for image exchange.   
  • auto-routing, pre-fetching
  • Image Lifecycle Management – move, compress and delete image over time based on configurable rules (rules based). 
IW Archive becomes Universal Archive:
  • Store DICONDE compliant files 
  • Image Lifecycle Management
  • Load Balancing capabilities, shadowing and Gateway options 
  • Virtualization
  • Satellite capabilities
Rules-Based Archiving

Rules-Based Archiving enables the user of InspectionWorks Archive to establish a series of rules that, when put in place, makes data management and storage effortless. 

This is achieved by:

  • Automatically storing and/or distributing images according to the part type; different rules can apply subject to SKU or bar code of the part
  • Auto-routing
  • In auto-routing, incoming images are checked against routing rules that are defined for a specific     
  • Archive and subsequentially stored in the correct Library destination. 
  • Library Match Rules - If you have more than one library installed, different libraries can be used for different images. For example, UT images can be stored in one library and X-ray images in another.  Library match rules can be as simple or complex as needed, providing very fine control over how your libraries are utilized.
  • Image Lifecycle Management (ILM) – ILM enables the storage, compression and deletion of DICONDE images. Aa a rules engine the ILM enables the move, compress or delete feature which can be used according to the rules, policies and legal requirements of the organization. Audit mechanisms track which images/documents have been moved/deleted and when.

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Move Rule

Moves Diconde files from one library to the another within an archive.

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Compression Rule

Compresses Diconde files series, setting of compression type and setting of percentage of compression

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Deletion Rule

Deletion of Diconde files according with legal timeliness and document retention policies and min. 10 days on pending before deletion is executed as safety measure.

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