Druck celebrates UK Armed Forces Day

Druck celebrates UK Armed Forces Day

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June 24th was U.K. Armed Forces Day, Druck, a Baker Hughes business, is a proud supporter of our service men and women and we’re proud to have several team members who have joined via the Baker Hughes’ ASCEND Programme, which is focused on transitioning military veterans in civilian careers.


We took the opportunity to catch up with Stephen Farrell who joined Druck via the Ascend Programme as an, Aerospace Lead Project Management Specialist within Druck, a Baker Hughes business (part of the Precision Sensing & Instrumentation product line within the Industrial & Energy Technology business of Baker Hughes). 


What is Baker Hughes’ Ascend Programme?

Ascend is Baker Hughes ‘Military Leadership Programme’. It’s promoted as ‘an intensive two-year program for exceptional, transitioning, military leaders seeking to launch successful, accelerated, post-military careers as leaders and innovators.’ 

I believe I was the first person in the UK to be recruited to the new Ascend Programme, back in August 2022.  We complete two rotations, each lasting a year, at different Baker Hughes businesses in different locations.  I’m due to finish my first rotation at Baker Hughes’ Industrial & Energy Technology product line, Druck, based in Leicester UK, shortly.  While I have thoroughly enjoyed, it I am excited to start my new role in Baker Hughes’ Oilfield Services & Equipment (OFSE) business, as Process Improvement Leader – Subsea Projects.


What made you join the Baker Hughes Ascend Programme?

The Program gives me the opportunity to develop my experience in several areas within Baker Hughes before deciding on what career path to take. It allows me to network and gain knowledge from leaders around the globe, while also providing support, guidance, and executive training.  The Programme allows me to make an impact addressing the global energy trilemma- affordability, sustainability, and security- which is important to me.


What is your role and what are some of the tasks you carry out?

I currently work in aerospace development as the Lead Project Manager.  We’ve just launched the ‘Next Generation 3000’ aerospace pressure sensor.  This new technology enables commercial and military aerospace customers for the first time to deploy flight-qualified pressure sensors within minutes, through an online and fully customizable configurator tool.   

My main objective was to ensure this new product was launched to customers ahead of the Paris Air Show, which took place last week.  So, I was delighted and proud of my team that we achieved the objective! 

My role was to ensure design, production, testing, sourcing all aligned, while prioritising tasks to maintain a strict schedule and manage risks.

It was a great project delivered by a fantastic team!


'I believe I was the first person in the UK to be recruited to the new Ascend Programme' back in August 2022.


What’s your favourite thing about Druck so far?

The environment and culture within aerospace provides a brilliant support network, that allows people to learn and develop continuously.  I really value the #DruckFamily culture!


How does life in the military compare to working for Baker Hughes?

There are many differences, but lots of similarities! 

During my career in the military, I trained as an Engineering Officer, during which I served on a nuclear submarine where we’d undertake mainly deterrent missions.  This meant living in hot claustrophobic, cramped conditions at extreme depths underwater, often in complex, stressful naval operations.  I had no contact with the outside world for the entire duration – I couldn’t even contact my family or check on my personal life.  That was both challenging and stressful!  I certainly haven’t experienced anything as challenging as that at Baker Hughes!

In terms of similarities, I’ve found that Druck, like the military, has clearly defined objectives.  Additionally, Baker Hughes’ adoption of technology to drive performance has been a big benefit to me – I spent several years in the military specializing in electronic warfare, so I’m naturally familiar with and interested in technology.


What do you enjoy outside work?

As a qualified Pilot and Jumpmaster, I either spend my time flying around the UK or jumping out the door! I also enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, regularly going hiking and exploring with my dog, Maverick.


Who, or what inspires you and why?

People who have the courage to follow their personal goals and dreams regardless of outside opinion or challenges.  Success should be defined by your personal perspective.


And tell us something interesting about yourself?

I could fly a fixed wing aircraft solo at the age of 17 (before I could drive a car)!


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