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For 40+ years, Druck, a Baker Hughes business, has supplied the Aerospace industry with flight-qualified products. Though we are renowned for our 25+ years of expertise in pressure sensing, we offer even more solutions in the Aerospace domain. From ADTS to calibration and with an eye in the future of Aviation, Druck is positioned as a potential partner to Aerospace companies and system integrators. 

We aim to be a showcase for other industries. Our sensors are reliable and safe to fly in airplanes, thus they can be just as reliable in other industries, such as Automotive, Semiconductor, and Industrial Applications.

Druck is a sensors business, Aerospace business, and so much more. We are excited to help the e-VTOL market take shape by offering our expertise in sensing solutions. We aim to lead the way in new venture in Aerospace.

For the Aerospace of Tomorrow

Druck new ventures include decarbonization, vertical take-off, and unmanned aircraft.

Continuing in the spirit of our core domain expertise, we are extremely excited to be able to support the rapid developing market in e-VTOL, electrification, and alternate fuels to help drive the decarbonization of the transportation industry. Many of our core capabilities are perfectly aligned to serve these markets and the sensing needs within this exciting space.

We are also excited to help the rapidly evolving e-VTOL market to enable a radical approach to a sustainable and clean future for the Aerospace of tomorrow. We are ready to help the e-VTOL vehicle and system suppliers provide solutions for tomorrow’s cleaner and more sustainable transport industry. 

If you have requirements to support your e-VTOL sensing and testing needs today or wish to engage with design discussions for measuring and controlling critical parameters, please contact us today. We operate with strict confidentiality and with the highest levels of integrity, so your information is in safe hands.

Whatever your sensing needs, contact us for more information. 

Explore Druck’s Aerospace Solutions
Industrial Pressure Sensors

For more than 25 years Druck has supplied the Aerospace industry with flight-qualified pressure sensors, gaining vast experience in design and qualifying custom-build pressure measurement solutions. We offer not only the expertise but the technical support to assist customers for the life of the equipment.

Discover our new flight-qualified pressure sensors range here.

Air Data Test Sets

Air Data Test Sets (ADTS), also known as pitot static testers, from Druck offer best-in-class technology at highly competitive lead times. ADTSs are used for testing and calibrating airspeed and aircraft pitot static systems.

Customised Built-in Solution: Bring Your Sensing Needs

For 40 years, Druck has proudly served the Aerospace industry, providing reliable sensors to the world’s most produced airframes. We are experts in this domain and are ready to assist you in the rapidly developing Aerospace sector. Our solutions help drive your future aircraft and power plant operational efficiencies. Contact us for all your aerospace sensing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose Druck for Aerospace pressure sensors?

Since 1972 Druck has been an expert in pressure sensors. We pride ourselves on our product quality, reliability, and technical expertise. When choosing Druck, you know you have experts on your side with unmatched technical support. Contact us today to partner with us on your new projects.

What is TERPS technology?

Our proprietary TERPS - or Trench-Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor - combines accuracy, stability, reliability, and strength unmatched by comparable pressure sensors. The stability of the TERPS sensor enables increased calibration periods when compared to other sensor technology.

How often should I calibrate my ADTS?

Druck supports our customers to expand their calibration interval up to 18 months instead of the industry average of 12 months.

What is decarbonisation?

Decarbonisation in the Aerospace industry focuses on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Druck adapts our industrial pressure sensors to these new SAF fluids in our fuel sensors. We make aircrafts with these fuel tanks safe to fly and reliable regarding fuel capacity and storage.

What is VTOL?

VTOL stands for Vertical Take Off and Landing. It is a vehicle, or aircraft, that can vertically take off and land without using a runway, such as a helicopter. There is also E-VTOL, which is the same but with electronic vehicles.

What is Druck doing about sustainability?

Sustainability starts at home. Druck is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. With our Energy Ambassadors Project, we aim to improve our CO2 monitoring capabilities to fast track our journey to net-zero and a sustainable energy future.

The path to net-zero starts TODAY with:

  • Renewable energy sources
  • Efficient processes reducing CO2 usage
  • Emissions management solutions
  • Intelligent asset management and optimization
  • Investing in sustainable energy technology for tomorrow by accelerating the adoption and deployment of new fuel sources and emissions solutions

We are decarbonizing energy for TOMORROW with:

  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon capture, use, and storage
  • Expanding liquid nitrogen capabilities
  • Tool & equipment redesign

Aerospace Technical Services Offering

Druck offers program support for the life of the equipment, including a robust requirements management process, model-based design, finite element analysis, circuit simulation, High Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), in-house rapid prototyping, additive material options, high vibration design solutions, and pressure cycling and rate testing.

We also support customers with in-service investigations to help establish root cause corrective action (RCCA) with use of our non-destructive screening processes and utilize ESS as part of the production process to increase MTBF performance.

Get Started with Druck

Druck is committed to the future of aviation evidenced by our pressure sensors and calibration solutions. We are an expert engineering company that is ready to partner with you to develop your next project. Contact us today to get started.


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