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Druck's portable calibrators use technology in ways that make your day-to-day activities simpler and more efficient.

Power at your fingertips!

Druck's portable calibrators range incorporates 50 years' experience in designing and manufacturing market leading pressure measurement equipment and solutions. Our range of calibration instruments and process plant test tools embody our heritage and design expertise.

We are one of a very small number of pressure solution providers that control every part of the design and manufacturing process - from silicon wafer to packing the finished product.

Druck's technology provides peace of mind that you are getting the most accurate data available to help make decisions to keep your business and equipment running efficiently.

Druck's portable technology makes your day-to-day activities simpler and more efficient

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PV624 | Hybrid Pressure Generating Base
Multifunction Calibrators and Pressure Bases:
DPI620G Series

Druck’s DPI620G series is advanced, modular multi-function calibrator with optional HART/Foundation Fieldbus communication which provides world-class pressure calibration, measurement and pressure generation. Building on over half a century of market leading pressure expertise, the DPI620 Genii is at the pinnacle of modular, portable calibrator offering and is at the heart of the Genii Advanced Modular Calibration System.

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DPI620G > Datasheet

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DPI620G-H > Product Flyer.


PV624 Portable Hybrid Pressure Controller

The PV624 is a portable hybrid pressure controller base station that combines the advantages of manual pressure generation with fully automatic pressure generation and control.

The PV624 Hybrid pressure controller offers a robust, easy, and fast method to both reach and accurately maintain pressure set points, hybrid pressure control also supports large test volumes and long battery life.

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PV624 > Datasheet

DPI610E Upgrade
Pressure Calibrators and Pressure Testers:
DPI610E series

The DPI610E has been designed using the latest advances in pressure measurement technologies, combined with a range of much loved features from the legacy DPI601/605/610/615 units.

The DPI610E retains the iconic handle, the ease of use, and the robust, reliable design of its predecessors, and offers exciting new functionality including an internal barometer, with a barometer port for easy calibration. In addition to this, the DPI610E contains an enhanced battery, offering over 60 hours continual use from a single 2 hours charge.

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DPI610E > Datasheet

Handheld Pressure and Temperature Test Tools:
DPI705E series

The Druck DPI705E Series of handheld pressure and optional temperature indicators combine tough and rugged design with accurate and reliable measurements.

Building on its much loved predecessor, the DPI705 is an effective indicator that improves test efficiency. With a compact and robust design, the DPI705E Series is ideal for single handed operation in the field. Druck's indicator provides many essential features required for routine maintenance and system troubleshooting.

Link to > DPI705E series

DPI705E series > Datasheet

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