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Success in motorsport depends on hundreds of components working together under extreme conditions, and Druck continues to develop pressure transducers that give the ultimate performance. Druck motorsport sensors have become a world leading product line used in Formula 1, World Rally Championship and the Indy Racing League, amongst others.

The 4400 Series is the latest in the range of products that for many years has been “fine tuned” in design to suit all chassis and engine pressure measurement requirements.

Product Overview
  • Race proven technology
  • High temperature capability to 175°C
  • 12.5 mm diameter
  • Amplified output
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fully EMC protected
  • Flexible mechanical/electrical interface options
Race proven technology

Since 1990 Druck products have been successfully applied to motorsport, and the 4400 Series is a high performance pressure sensor for this harsh environment application.

Reliability remains at the forefront of Druck’s design and build philosophy. The combination of high technology sensing elements and advanced signal conditioning and packaging techniques provides reliable and accurate pressure measurements.

Flexible design

The pressure sensing module and the electronics form a completely flexible core. Various configurations of electrical terminations and pressure connectors are available in stainless steel. Druck has considerable experience in solving specific application problems by developing standard designs to suit customer-specific applications.

High performance

Druck has an advanced and comprehensive silicon processing facility and is one of a few companies turning raw silicon into finished pressure sensing products. 

Each pressure module is fully temperature cycled to enhance long-term measurement stability. All metalwork is welded to form a rugged housing. Upon completion of the electrical connections the units are again thermally cycled to eliminate any possible defects in application. 

This rugged construction enables the 4400 Series to operate under extreme temperature and vibration conditions.


Datasheets - 4400 Series

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