Refineries and petrochemical plants
HygroPro XP

Panametrics’ newest explosionproof moisture transmitter

Panametrics launches HygroPro XP, the most advanced moisture transmitter

HygroPro XP dual

HygroPro XP is the latest addition to the Panametrics portfolio of market leading moisture analyzers and transmitters.

The HygroPro XP is designed to meet the demanding moisture measurement needs of hazardous environments, both in liquid and vapor-phase applications. 

Retaining all the great features of the best-selling robust HygroProII, the HygroPro XP is available for customers that prefer an explosionproof design (encapsulation) over intrinsic safety, for their hazardous area installations.

Download the HygroPro XP datasheet to learn more about features, benefits and typical applications.