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Panametrics Hydrogen Q&A

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Why does Panametrics target the hydrogen sector?
  • Hydrogen is one of the fastest growing market segments today.  It is one of the key solutions in achieving a net zero emissions economy by 2050. 
  • Hydrogen is being used to replace traditional fossil fuels in many applications, for example: fuel for heavy vehicles; a substitute for natural gas to provide heating; and as a means of storing energy. 
  • The demand for hydrogen is at an all-time high and forecast to grow further.
  • As an analyzer business, we have a key role to play in helping facilitate this energy transition. 


Where does Panametrics technologies fit?
  • We can play right across the hydrogen value chain, from production and transportation to utilization.
  • Today the majority of hydrogen is produced from natural gas in a process called steam methane reforming. This is an energy intensive process and a significant contributor to global emissions.
  • A second way to produce hydrogen is to separate water into its constituent parts of hydrogen and oxygen, through a process called electrolysis. If the electrolysis process is powered by renewable energy like solar or wind, you have completely emissions free hydrogen, or “Green Hydrogen”. 
  • Both the steam methane reforming and electrolysis processes need sensors to determine the quality of the hydrogen they are producing.
  • This is where Panametrics comes in to play.  With our sensor technologies, we measure the hydrogen purity and also impurities in the hydrogen such as moisture and oxygen.


How does the technology work?
  • We have different technology options for the different measurements required, including thermal conductivity for hydrogen purity, electrochemical fuel cell for oxygen, aluminum oxide and laser for moisture.
  • All offer unrivalled accuracy, reliability and performance with the guarantee of quality that the Panametrics brand is known for.
  • The products are resilient and compact and suited for measurement in both hazardous and safe area classifications. These are all important criteria for customers in the hydrogen space.


What track record do we have across the hydrogen sector?
Hydrogen Power
  • While the term “the hydrogen economy” is talked about a lot right now, the reality is we have been providing measurements across the hydrogen value chain for many years.
  • We have been the go-to analyzer supplier of choice for many gas manufacturers on their steam methane reformer units over many years.
  • We have long historical working relationships with electrolyzer manufacturers globally, providing products and after sales and service support for their electrolysis machines.
  • We also have numerous installations at large hydrogen end-users like refineries, steel and power plants.


What opportunities are Panametrics exploring??
  • While we have a great track record and installed base in the hydrogen sector, there are many new areas opening up. 
  • For example, transportation of hydrogen through existing natural gas pipelines or new dedicated hydrogen pipelines, along with plans to use hydrogen as a fuel for heavy vehicles like trucks and buses.


What are our hydrogen ambitions?
  • Hydrogen opportunities are central to the Panametrics growth plan.  Our target is to be a leading instrumentation player in the Hydrogen Economy.
  • I’m pleased that we are increasingly viewed not only as a supplier but as a consultant and partner that can point customers in the right direction in terms of technology selection for their critical measurement needs.
  • Through our roles on advisory bodies and testing on pilot plants we will help shape the future of analytical measurements for the hydrogen economy.  
  • Achieving our hydrogen ambitions will take commitment, talent and technology.  Across Panametrics we have all three in abundance.  The hydrogen journey is going to be an exciting one!

Gerard McKeogh                                      

- Leader, Process Analyzers, Panametrics