Water flowmeters & pressure measurements for mining drills
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Water flowmeters & pressure measurements for mining drills

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Panametrics' Customer Story
Mine water pipe


A drilling mine in Sweden had continuous issues with faulty reports. The mine has about 70 production areas and contains its own water supply to drilling machines. Because drilling machines in mines can fail and often the water supply is accused, A team service technicians looked into monitoring the water flow to identify the problem.



An iron mine in Northern Europe consists of some 70 production areas of which have their own water supply to the drilling machines.


Customer's Challenge

The utility function at an iron mine that supply the water to the different production areas have continuous issues with operators. There are many cases of fault reports on the water supply and after many hours of troubleshooting it was discovered to be the drill that was broken and not the water supply chain.


Benefits: • Easy and fast to install • Remote capabilities • Able to work in sync with mining equipment • Connection between Flow & Pressure to DCS for easy access to analytics


Panametrics' Solution

Pema Control Provide a customer with Panametrics Clamp-On system, and a Druck pressure transducer, all mounted on a tailored spool pipe with 50 meter cables for the remote XMT868i display. This solution will save customers hours of production loses and also get early warnings when the water system starts to leak.



Pipe size: DN150 & DN200 Flow rate: 0-500 m3/h Pressure: 0-25 barg powered from the XMT868i


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