NDT System Upgrades
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Upgrading your NDT equipment couldn’t be easier

Waygate Industries will help provide your NDT system upgrade and keep your equipment up and running smoothly. We will anticipate what needs to happen and provide an NDT system upgrade just when you need it. Upgrading your NDT equipment is an easy process that we want to help you through. Our technicians are trained to determine exactly what needs to happen and how to make it happen for you!


Industrial X-ray and CT System Upgrades

X-ray system upgrades are a must to keep your ndt equipment functioning properly. Hardware upgrades will improve your image quality and allow your machine to work faster and more efficiently. Extending your inspection capabilities and upgrading your ndt equipment is easy with Waygate technicians who can be reached easily. Software upgrades are continually being created to offer you the best options for optimum productivity for your machines.


Upgrades for UT Systems

Upgrades are a positive part of manufacturing, and we can provide just the upgrades you need for higher productivity, less downtime, and overall peace of mind for your machines. Let a Waygate technician analyze your system and offer the best solution for maximizing output.

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