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The Most Important Upgrade for Your Entire Enterprise – PEOPLE

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Tracy Lippe
Global Training Leader at Baker Hughes

Training is vital for the growth and success of every organization. Learn how Bently Nevada’s Training programs aid in keeping your people up to date on best practices for machinery condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Every year we see exciting new technologies, hardware, and software that offer efficiency, automation, and security. You devote substantial time and attention to the decisions on what to upgrade, how much to spend, and when to implement. 

You would never ignore your machinery, operate it ineffectively, neglect worn components or a sorely needed modernization. Machinery and equipment may cost more than a decade of salaries, but what good are they without the trained expertise to run, maintain, diagnose, and repair them? Your talent pool is no different: If you ignore their need for continuous updates and maintenance through targeted training you run a risk to your business.  The unintentional oversight that could wreck your production line may very well be the people you employ. 

Therefore, the most important “upgrade” you can make is to your most important asset: your people. Your employees need ongoing training that brings them up to date on the ever-changing state of condition monitoring. In addition to people needing continuous updates, an alarming percentage of current expertise in industries around the world is nearing retirement, so you need to act now to capitalize on your current talent and build for the future.

At Bently Nevada, we have a solution for that: 

Why choose Bently Nevada Training?

  • Our team combines product installation, operation, maintenance, and engineering experience with technical expertise, and a commitment to knowledge transfer.
  • With more than 40 years of technical training experience, Bently Nevada has pioneered the art of long-term skill development.
  • Course content and workshops are continually revised to reflect the latest technologies, experience, and local regulatory standards.

And with Bently Training, you have access to a varied, yet targeted selection of courses. Click here to see our options for training. Give your team the tools they need to grow and keep pace with the latest in technological advancements. 


The Perfect Balance of Classroom Focus and Virtual Flexibility
Bently Nevada Training Courses


Our training is now significantly streamlined and enhanced to account for today’s unique educational challenges.

Globally, travel restrictions persist and change. The risk of delays due to forced quarantines and unexpected cancellations can wreak havoc with your schedule and dramatically increase travel expenses. 

Bently Nevada now offers remote learning led by live instructors, available in all time zones for customers in any region of the globe.

During our remote training sessions, Bently Nevada experts present theory and conduct technical demonstrations. Classes are designed to provide synchronous real-time experiences for your trainees and ensure a truly valuable online learning experience. 

For example, our new System 1 remote training course combines live session instruction and self-paced workshops for a structured, step-by-step progression towards that course’s end goal. We employ digital manuals with short demo videos and cloud-based virtual machines for our workshop sessions. 

To ensure that every trainee is grasping the material, your instructor will track the work of every trainee and reach out to help proactively. By the end of the course, trainees will reach their objectives as if they were in a live, in-person classroom environment. Customer feedback on our remote training sessions this year has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Not convinced? We get it. Everyone is offering remote learning these days and much of it is painfully boring. In addition, inferior technology results in lost connections, wasting valuable time. So, if you still have hesitations about the effectiveness of our remote training, we will host a short, sample session for you to see for yourself before you invest.

Custom Development Programs vs.  Ad-hoc training

Are you looking for something more specific to your own industry/machinery/workforce?  Let’s talk!

Bently Nevada many years of experience producing custom solutions for clients who have unique production or environmental challenges, with many versions of our hardware and software existing as one-off solutions for organizations that require them.  We also offer “people” solutions through our own in-house remote monitoring when you may need more hands or expertise than you have on-site.

We apply the same collaborative spirit when it comes to our training programs. We can work with you to develop and adapt the learning path to your trainee’s profile and your company strategy. In short, we can deliver the proper amount of training, at the appropriate time, for the targeted application within your organization. Contact your Bently Nevada Regional Training Manager for more details.

Training is vital for the growth and success of every organization. It is profitable for both employers and employees. If employees are trained well, they will become more competent, prolific, and productive. Each employee will become a more valuable asset, a more reliable solution, and a source for knowledge that can be shared with other members of your organization. 

When challenging times come, you can choose to adapt or stand still. Take advantage of this time by training your employees effectively, safely, remotely. Check our website for news on reopening of our classroom sessions in your region. Contact your Bently Nevada Regional Training Manager to inquire about access to any of our training courses.

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