Animal fat with Panametrics
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Animal fat measured with Panametrics

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Panametrics' Customer Story
Animal fat with Panametrics

The company that is active in the food industry collects and processes animal by-products but also waste edible oil, biodegradable kitchen and canteen waste. These products are recycled to proteins and technical fats and purified oils. The application is wide: animal nutrition and feed, pet food, fertilizers, chemical industry. The company also plays a major role in public health in the realm of prevention and control of infectious and parasitic diseases by processing animal products in an internationally certified and controlled way. Additional process residuals are used as a fuel resource to be used in biodiesel and biogas, which actually is also planed to be built in the vicinity.



One of the products, animal fat is transported and stored in large vessels. Trucks are filled with this fat for further processing in another plant. These trucks are divided in three compartments. The measurement helps to avoid spillage of fat by overfilling.


Benefits: • No contact with medium • Easy to maintain and install • Accurate and fast


Customer's Challenge

The product is warm and and there is a strong preference for a non-contact solution for hygienic reasons. Coriolis mass meter have been problematic when the environmental temperature drops below -5°C. In this case the customer had some challenges getting good and reliable results from the weighing scale as it was not matching what was metered by the Coriolis.


Panametrics' Solution
Animal fat measured

A Panametrics TransPort PT900 was used within 15 minutes to get a repeatable and stable measurement for comparison to the original meter accuracy. Based on the results the customer decided to permanently install an AT600. Two times per week the plant empties its tanks. There is now enough logged data about the process, and information about filling time and pump capacity. The clamp-on is much cheaper, easier to install and maintain than a truck scale.


Specifications (OPT)

• Vessel of capacity 60m3, truckload 20m3 • Required accuracy +/-2% of batch volume • Fluid temperature 60-80°C


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