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Facility management (campus energy) for water management

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Panametrics' Customer Story
Transport PT900 - our best-in-class solution eases the job and delivers performance.

An international facility management company in South Europe was looking for a solution to improve the water management by analyzing the measurement of flow. Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business was able to offer a site demo to show the customer how this process could improve with the TransPort PT900.

Customer's challenge 

The customer was looking for a solution for his field technicians to: • Run water audits • Track and estimate water leaks • Develop recovery strategies • Determine hydraulic network efficiency • Hydraulic modeling • Help on water district engineering In order for them to make the best possible choice, they invited eight companies to supply ultrasonic liquid flow meters to run some site testing, including field tests by end users.



  • Reliable and accurate measurements
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Data transmission to the cloud via our PT900 App


Panametrics' Solution

The plant provided positive feedback regarding the Transport ultrasonic flow meter. Noting three key areas where the PT900 stood out among the rest:

• Provided reliable and accurate measurements

• Very intuitive, simple setup made it easy to use

• The Panametrics' heritage of this model was known for premium portable meters

The customer also required local repair capability so equipment did not need to be shipped abroad, thus saving repair time. While a local service center did not exist in the country, the end user accepted loaner equipment should a meter need to be serviced, ensuring little to no down time during the service cycle. The customer also required data transmission to the cloud, which they were able to address on their own using the PT900's ability to communicate to the network through a local PC. The plant accepted loaner equipment to avoid any downtime for service cycles. The TransPort PT900 was able to communicate with the plants network through a local PC to address the challenge of transmitting data. Because of a quick service agreement and superior product Panametrics was able to quickly support this customer.

PT900 water management App Note

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