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2020 Recognition: Through the Years

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Pamela Litka
Editor of the Orbit Magazine - Marketing Operations Specialist

We started 2020 motivated, excited, and hopeful for what the future held. Many had events and trips planned, or even the basic monthly goals they were striving to reach and achieve. As we crept into the year, we as a people, a business, found that 2020 was not the year we thought it might be. We soon discovered it would not be a short-term situation, but long term affecting the remainder of the year and foreseeable future. Many businesses at stake, some shutting down, schools changing directions of how they taught, families and friends staying home, sports being cancelled, trips and events postponed or cancelled, and halting a majority of extracurricular activities. 

Bently Nevada, and the employees of Baker Hughes were unsure of where they stood moving into 2020. Fortunately, our business was deemed essential and most of the staff were able to continue to work, whether it be at each business site where manufacturing product took place, or remotely for those who had the means to do so. With each passing day, every employee found themselves in uncharted territory. However, the Bently Nevada staff were able to continue working as they previously had done before, new guidelines, regulations and HSE rules were implemented to follow safety protocols mandated by the state. The manufacturing employee population and staff that could work safely at the building were able to adjust working hours in order to support their families as needed and those able to work from home were provided with the tools to do so without many interruptions to their work / life balance. The ethics and strength that the Bently Nevada employee population continued, as each person pivoted to continue to keep our business moving and to stay healthy with very little interruption shows the incredible dedication the employees have. 

During 2020, while not getting to celebrate the traditional way, over 50 employees achieved major milestones in their Bently Nevada careers, reaching 10, 20, 30, and even 45 years of service. 45 years! Very few can claim such an incredible milestone and should most certainly be celebrated. While we may not get to do so in person at this time, those being honored should feel as though they are valued and important to such longevity of a business; they are the ones that have helped achieve 60 years of success. 

The drive and knowledge to retain such impressive loyalty shows a lot in our products with passion and quality behind the labors of love both in the development all the way through manufacturing, then shipping those items around the globe to our customers. What a year to achieve such a milestone.

We can no longer say that most of the employee base works at our Minden facility, as many of our employees work around the globe, and began their remote working in March of 2020.  With that said, many employees around the globe share our products with you; Some of them do it vía virtual events such as webinars, and live remote demos to our customers. Over the last sixty years, we have occupied many buildings on the west coast and sites around the globe; however, in 2002, we moved a majority of the staff into our main facility in Minden Nevada holding majestic views of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, located fifteen minutes from Lake Tahoe. This building remains our Bently Nevada headquarters for our manufacturing plant and headquarters functions; from Engineering, Sales, Services, Sourcing, Finance, Projects, Health and Safety, Quality, and Marketing just to name a few. Prior to Covid, we hosted many customer visits including Factory Acceptance Tests, Customer Advisory Forums, and customer & employee trainings. Most of that in 2020 occurred virtually.  

Previously, many of the staff would take part in our northern Nevada Community organizations, sitting on the boards of many charities, fundraising groups, and chambers. These also include internal employee volunteer groups such as the Veteran’s Affinity Network and Women’s Network. We give back to our schools not only through funds, tutoring, and backpack buddies, but also with internships through college programs to grow and develop future leaders in our industry, eventually recruiting them to join our team and to enjoy what the Bently business has to offer as it has for so many before them. We continued this pattern in 2020, it just looked and felt a little different as it did for many people around the world.

Every year for the last several decades, we’ve hosted a Recognition Banquet to celebrate milestones of employees in our business. In 2020, we celebrated 57 employees who reached significant milestones in their careers here at the Minden site. They range from…

10 years of service – Not pictured: Brian Abbot, Technology

Pictured – Terra Barrington, Sr Manager – Quality Assurance Engineering; Jonathan Buescher, Mechanical Engineer; George Cox, Engineering Technical Leader for the Orbit Series software; Cristi Sheikman, Lead Firmware Engineer; Brian Dixon, Software Engineer.

2020 - 10 Years of Service

15 years of service – Not pictured: Tracy Clark, Manufacturing; Garth Jackson, Technology; Patrick Drinkwine, Manufacturing.

Pictured – David Leatham, Engineering Technical Lead; Melissa Davila, Tool Designer; Barry Koepsell, Lead Reliability Engineer.

2020 - 15 Years of Service

20 years of service – Not pictured: Sean Hansen, Machinery Maintenance Technician; Randy Tanaka, Commercial Applications Engineer; Vikki Perri, Manufacturing; Shawn Mott, Fabrication Technician; Boris Sheikman, Technology.

Pictured – Bradley Jorgensen, Proto Center / Manufacturing Specialist; Summer Woodson, Director of Program Management; Tim Heng, Team Lead for Orbit Studio  - Sr. Staff Software Engineer; Matt Asher, Lead Services Specialist  - Field Svc & Technical Advising; Martha Williams, Manufacturing Specialist; Susan Young, Engineering Document Specialist; Ana Pacheco, Materials Planning and Execution Specialist; Becca Patterson, Manufacturing Specialist; Alan Meredith, Project Director and OTR Engineering Manager – Americas; Monica Arthurs, Engineering Document Specialist; Brad Kelly, Sr Staff Data Operations Engineer; Pete Bellis, Manufacturing Engineer for PWA Automation.

2020 - 20 Years of Service

25 years of service – Not pictured: Rich Rickard, Manufacturing; Bryan Holzbauer, Technology; Curtis Hoffman, Technology; Susan Roush, Technology; Donald Buchanan, Fabrication Technician; Kyle Brown, Technology.

Pictured –Alyscn Simms, Administrative Assistant for Technology; Joseph Whiteley, Senior Mechanical Engineer; Robert Whitehead, Manufacturing Specialist; Robert Allen, Shipping Manufacturing Associate; Vickie Baldwin, Manufacturing Associate; Derrick Olson, BN Supplier Quality Leader; Darren Bradbury, Facilities Technician; Rand Croxall, Sr Engineering Manager; Joseph Robert, Manager - Manufacturing Engineering Test & Metrology; Dan Lu, Principal Engineer – Electrical Engineer.

2020 - 25 Years of Service

30 years of service – Not pictured: Chris Armenta, Manufacturing

Pictured – Steven Sturm, Orbit 60 Senior Product Manager; Dennis De Lange, Lead Systems Engineer; Paul Richetta, Principal Systems Architect; Mike Merritt, Electrical Engineer; Adrian Cobb, Shipping & Receiving Manager; Steve Gaskell, Cybersecurity Leader.

2020 - 30 Years of Service

35 years of service – Not pictured: Steve Byrne, Senior Account Sales Manager

40 years of service – Not pictured: Denise Rogers, Manufacturing

Pictured – Valery Adams, Shipping Manufacturing Associate

2020 - 40 Years of Service

45 years of service – pictured: Chuck Morgan; Factory Acceptance Test Technician. An Impressive History and something to be proud of.

2020 - 45 Years of Service

While we achieved the success of a veteran employee of 45 years, the newest generation hit the manufacturing floor January 4th, becoming the first 4th generation employee for Bently Nevada. Bently is home to many families… Generations of staff who have great work ethic and want to achieve great success as the family member before them. What a great story the Bently business gets to share. 

More so than ever, in an incredibly unpredictable year, these are the people, along with all of our other Bently staff around the globe, the employees that continue to drive towards excellence for you and your businesses through quality, safety, timeliness, and cost, making sure your product is 100% accurate  going out the shipping doors every single day. Please join us in congratulating 60 years of dedication, loyalty, and passion for the Bently Brand, Bently Nevada right here in Minden Nevada. We are essential.



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