Celebrating our Experience Over 60 Years of Innovation
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Celebrating our Experience Over 60 Years of Innovation

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Pamela Litka
Editor of the Orbit Magazine - Marketing Operations Specialist

It is impressive to know that many of our employees here at Bently Nevada have served in our business for a minimum of ten years, with employees reaching forty or more years in 2020 as they near their retirement. The drive and knowledge to retain such impressive loyalty shows a lot in our products with passion and quality behind the labors of love both in the development all the way through manufacturing, then shipping those items around the globe to our customers.

Most of the employee base works at our Minden facility. However, we have many employees around the globe sharing our products with you, our loyal customers. In the past sixty years here in Minden Nevada, we have occupied many buildings through the valley, always having a view of our majestic Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, located fifteen minutes from Lake Tahoe. In 2002, we merged & relocated all the local Bently staff to the new building on Bently Parkway south and today, we now occupy only that building. This building remains our Bently Nevada headquarters for our manufacturing plant and headquarter functions; from Engineering, Sales, Services, Sourcing, Finance, Projects, Health and Safety, Quality, Communications, and Marketing just to name a few. We host many customer visits including Factory Acceptance Tests, Customer Advisory Forums, and customer and employee trainings to name a few.

We also participate in our northern Nevada Community organizations, sitting on the boards of many charities, fundraising groups, and chambers. These also include internal employee volunteer groups such as the veterans affinity network and women’s network. We give back to our schools not only through funds, tutoring, and backpack buddies, but also with internships through college programs to grow and develop future leaders in our industry, eventually recruiting them to join our team and to enjoy what the Bently business has to offer as it has for so many before them.

Every year for the last several decades, we host a Recognition Banquet to celebrate milestones of employees in our business. In 2019, we celebrated 61 employees who reached significant milestones in their careers here at the Minden site. They range from…

10 Years of Service

Facility Techs & Manufacturing Logistics…

15 Years of Service

to engineering, legal, machine maintenance, Tech Support, TRS…

20 Years of Service

to more manufacturing & engineering, managers, product management, marketing, software, proposal specialists,

25 Years of Service

to manufacturing engineers & leaders, planner/buyers, and system engineers…

30 Years of Service

adding sourcing, tech support, RoHS leaders, Project leaders, and Techs to the list…

35 Years of Service

and drive from our sales force, the lead engineer managers, to commodity management…

40 Years of Service

Rounding it out with Senior facility manager, Lead purchaser, Infrastructure architect, Project specialists, and manufacturing trades.

These are the people, the employees that continue to drive towards excellence for you and your businesses through quality, safety, timeliness, and cost, making sure your product is 100% accurate going out the shipping doors every single day. Please join us in congratulating 60 years of dedication, loyalty, and passion for the Bently Brand, Bently Nevada right here in Minden Nevada.

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