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Druck Pressure Controllers support fire prevention equipment testing

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Customer Type: Fire-fighting equipment inspection company

Industry: General Industry

Application: Portable fire extinguisher pressure gauge inspection 

Solution: PACE6000 Modular Pressure Controller


Druck’s Customer

Druck’s customer is a fire protection company that undertakes servicing and maintenance of fire protection systems such as portable fire extinguishers.


Druck’s Customer Challenge

Portable fire extinguisher inspection is extremely important for the protection of businesses and homes. Since fire-fighting equipment is used infrequently, it must be inspected, tested, and maintained to ensure it is operable at all times prior to an emergency.

Most fire extinguishers have a built-in pressure gauge, allowing users to check the pressure level in the container. The fire extinguisher’s pressure must be monitored accurately to ensure the pressure is not too low to expel the content.

Druck’s customer’s client was dissatisfied with their exiting fire-fighting testing equipment due to its bulkiness and difficulties in measuring accuracy and speed as a result of the pressure range being manually adjusted several times.

The client required a testing facility that could run the tests simply and accurately. It was also necessary to produce accurate timely tests to complete within their desired framework.


Druck’s Solution

Following a detailed review of the customer’s technical requirements, the Druck team recommend upgrading to the PACE6000 Modular Pressure Controller.

PACE Group range
Picture 1: PACE6000 Modular Pressure Controller

The PACE6000 Modular Pressure Control sensor delivers high speed, high precision and cost-effective control, with output options that support industrial pressure production, automated testing and calibration applications.

The Test Program option of PACE provides a facility for creating, storing and executing numerous test procedures within the instrument itself. This is particularly useful for longer, more repetitive and laborious procedures requiring manual inputs for rapid prototyping, manufacturing and life cycle testing. 

By using the Test Program option, the Druck team were able to set up  various pressure ranges within just 1 minute, demonstrating the PACE6000 capacity for speedy deployment.

As the client required more than 50,000 tests, their enquires concerned the durability of the PACE6000. Based on the field-proven and highly reliable Druck control technology, the PACE6000 offers long-term measurement stability and control performance enabling it to function faultlessly  in stressful environmental conditions.


Druck’s Added Value

The introduction of the PACE6000 Modular Pressure Controller provided Druck’s customer the following benefits:

  • Speed: Since the pressure range can be changed quickly and easily, the test could be completed within the customer specifications
  • Accuracy: provides an accuracy ratio giving the customer assurance in pressure measurement
  • Reliability: delivers high accuracy and long-term reliability helping to minimise risks associated with downtime 


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