Ground and Flight Test

The Druck sensor product range offers a wide portfolio of test solutions, covering both ground and flight.

We have developed multi-pressure scanners used for flight test and engine ground test. These products offer 32 or 64 channels, enabling an accurate pressure profile to be established in harsh environments. Offering a digitally corrected, high accuracy sensor range that is available for flight test, qualified to meet DO160 environmental needs as well as a series of miniaturized analogue products, suitable for higher pressures and temperatures. These units are offered with cable or hermetic electrical connectors.

We also offer an Aerospace standard product range that is suitable for flight test. This product is known as the 3700 series and is a high accuracy product, qualified to DO160 environmental condition and is commercially available to all. Whilst this is a configured standard product, we also provide bespoke sensing solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Finally we offer high quality industrial grade products that can meet many requirements during testing. ADROIT6000 is a new compact 19mm sensor with digital compensation and total accuracy over temperature of up to 0.1%. UNIK5000 is a true analogue sensor with multiple configurations in a 25mm package.

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