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PV411A | Pressure Generating Hand Pump

FAQ | Pressure Pumps
What is the internal thread size of the two outlet ports on the PV210 hand pump?

Both threads are G1/8 (1/8 BSP) female.

Does the PV211-TC Transit Case have storage space for the DPI104?

Yes, the PV211-TC transit case has space to store the DPI 104.

Is the Quick Fit Adaptor for the PV211 / TP1 hand pump available as a spare part?

The Quick Fit Adaptor is available as a spare part, the part number is 1S-01-0827

What is included in the hand pump kits - PV211, PV211-P, PV211-14, PV211-14-HA, PV211-HK, PV211-TC, PV211-SK?

PV211 (Pneumatic Hand Pump - BSP Version) consists of :-

Hand Pump + Hose Assembly with 1/4BSP female Quick Fit Adapter + Adapters and Washer (seal) as shown below.

PV211-P (Pneumatic Hand Pump Kit - BSP Version) Consists of:-

All parts shown in PV211 above plus the following:-

Carry Case, BSP Seal Kit and BSP Quick fit Adapters shown below.

PV211-14 (Pneumatic Hand Pump - NPT version) consists of:-

Hand Pump + Hose Assembly with 1/4NPT female Quick Fit Adapter + 1/4 NPT Female Adapter and Washer (seal) as shown below.


PV211-14-HA (Pneumatic Hand Pump Kit - NPT Version) Consists of:-

All parts shown in PV211-14 above plus the following:-#

Carry Case and NPT Quick fit Adapters shown below.

PV211-HK (Hose Assembly) Consists of:- 

The hose and Adapters shown below.


PV211-TC (Transit Case) Consists of:- 

Black Plastic Carry Case with upper and lower foam inserts, plus BSP Seal Kit

PV211-SK (Service Seal Kit):-

Please refer to attached Service Instruction sheet for contents of the Seal Kit. - here


What are the thread sizes of the two pressure ports on the PV211 hand pump?

The top port is 3/8 BSP and the side port is 1/8 BSP.

What is included in hand pump kit PV211-14-HA?

The PV211-14-HA kit contains the PV211 hand pump with a 1/4 NPT female adaptor fitted into the top port and a 1 metre (3ft) flexible hose that has a 1/4 NPT female pressure connector (please see the image on page 2 of the attached datasheet).
The adaptors shown below are also supplied with the hand pump. 


What is the actual pressure generation capability of the PV211 hand pump?

Our test procedures only require the hand pump to generate a pressure above 30 bar using the handles. When you get to around 25 bar it is quite difficult to generate the last 5 bar.
We probably quote 40 bar on the datasheet as this is achievable using the Volume Control as follows:- With the Volume Control turned anti-clockwise to its maximum limit (the red line), a pressure gauge fitted into the top port, the hose fitted but with the end connection capped off.
Generate 30 bar with the handles, then using the Volume Control 40 bar can be achieved.
For customers wanting to generate pneumatic pressure of 30 to 40 bar the PV411A is probably a better option.
For customers wanting to generate pneumatic pressure of 20 to 25 bar then the PV211 would be suitable. 

What is the part number of 3/8 BSP Male to 1/4 BSP Female adaptor for the top port on PV212 Hand Pump?

The part number for the 3/8 BSP Male to 1/4 BSP Female adaptor is 1S-54-0132.

Is there a pressure proof test certificate for hose assembly part number PV411-105?

We don't have or provide any pressure proof tested certificate for hose assembly part number PV411-105.

The hose does have a label stuck to it which is marked with text :-

and the manufacturer where these hoses are purchased from have been proof tested, but no cert is issued or available.


Are the 1/4 BSP pressure ports on the PV411A available as spare parts?

The three pressure ports shown below are available in the "Pressure Port Kit - 1/4 BSP" - part number PV411-146.


Does a blanking plug need to be fitted to the PM620 pressure port when not in use on PV622G?

The PM620 pressure port on the PV622G is not self sealing, you need to use the blanking plug P/N IO620-BLANK.

Number 3 in Section 4.1 of the attached Safety and Quick Reference Guide K0458 mentions that a blanking plug should be used if a PM620 is not connected. 

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