This sensor has been specifically designed and tested to meet the harsh requirements found within many Aerospace applications.

PDCR 300 is founded on the highly reliable silicon chip produced within Druck’s own 21st Century clean room. The Piezoresistive technology has been developed and enhanced for more than 45 years, which is widely used within the Aerospace / Industrial and Oil & Gas markets. This compact analogue sensor provides unrivalled performance across a wide Pressure and Temperature range, which lends itself very well for use in hydraulic applications. No micro-processors are adopted within this product, which enables reliability at high temperatures to be achieved. The conditioned millivolt output is distributed through a 4-wire configuration.

Druck is excited to announce ...
new pressure ranges available now!

The refreshed  PDCR 300 Test sensor, encompass a further 11 pressure ranges, which now captures low pressure barometric ranges up to high pressures for use in such applications as hydraulic monitoring. This now provides a complete range of rigorously tested ‘small form’ pressure sensors, suitable for all ground and flight testing applications within both the Aerospace and wider markets.

PDCR Features
PDCR Features

PDCR300 has been specifically designed to satisfy the customers need for a wide range of applications, focussing on: 

  • Robustness
  • High accuracy analogue output
  • Reliability
  • Small form factor
  • High temperature constant use
  • Mechanically resilient to installation and torque
The best-in class sensor and support to our customers

Our focus for this product  is to primarily serve the Chinese Aerospace Test Market, whilst also considering expansion in to other regions and markets.  To satisfy this, the product range will be manufactured in our China facility, supported by our local commercial, application and engineering team. The improved PDCR 300 has been designed, tested and validated by our highly skilled China team in conjunction with our UK Centre of Excellence, which utilises the latest technological advances from our rich heritage, spanning 50 years.

Whilst this product is targeted for the test and development applications, the product has followed the same rigorous process as other airborne pressure sensors. This ensures that the product benefits from the same robust and reliable attributes, derived from the use of analytical tools and physical testing.

Next Generation aerospace pressure sensor
Druck's NG3000

Druck is pleased to announce the release of a fully configurable, flight qualified datasheet pressure sensor - the NG3000. Available to configure through an online tool, the NG3000 is a COTS offering for commercial and military applications.

Find out more here > NG3000

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