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  • Accurate, prescriptive recommendations to reduce operational risks and make consistent progress to TD
  • Consistent, NPT-free operations with minimal risk of stuck-pipe incidents
  • Efficient, effective hole cleaning for superior ROP

  • Formations with narrow pressure gradients
  • Well paths that employ complex geometries
  • Wells/fields with a high-risk of stuck-pipe incidents

The i-Trak™ automated hydraulics optimization service from Baker Hughes helps you maintain a safe pressure envelope while drilling by safeguarding against exceeding limits of the borehole’s pore, collapse, and fracture pressures.

The service automatically calculates and communicates annular pressure regimes, equivalent static density (ESD) and equivalent circulating density (ECD) along the wellbore. If the ESD and ECD curves are projected to exceed the pressure gradient limits anywhere along the wellbore, the service automatically alerts the drilling team to adjust the current mud and drilling parameters to bring ECD back within the desired pressure boundary conditions.

The i-Trak automated hydraulics optimization service can also be leveraged to help optimize hole cleaning to maximize drilling rates of penetration (ROP) and provide early warning of potential stuck-pipe incidents that would otherwise add significant time and cost to your drilling and liner-running jobs.

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