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  • Technology applicable to a wide range of processes, and well suited to gas compositions with low and medium molecular weights
  • Optimized for installation and maintenance: top-line compressor performance, up to 30% smaller footprint and 50% lighter weight
  • Extended operating range: for typical centrifugal compressor applications and all new energy process applications

  • Stacked rotor configuration enables higher rotating speed, maximizing pressure ratio
  • Advanced high-efficiency, high-head impeller design with peripheral speed capability above 400 meters per second
  • Advanced seals and bearings to maximize rotor damping; up to three sections in a single casing

  • LNG, floating LNG, and upstream gas
  • Hydrogen production, pipeline and storage
  • Refining and petrochemical




Baker Hughes is an established leader in compression technology, and our HPRC solution provides significant improvements in green-hydrogen applications—reducing footprint and weight, increasing reliability and availability.


Less is more

The robust stacked rotor design enables high rotating speed, which increases pressure ratio capability and reduces the number of impellers and compressor casings required. For example, traditional applications and new energy services that typically require two or more bodies are accomplished in one HPRC.


A whole new way of thinking about compression technology

HPRC technology is based on innovative materials and high-speed impeller design, with particular care taken on impeller dressing to minimize stress. The HPRC design is already proven in site conditions, and the impeller is fully validated up to 500 m/s. This high-head, high-efficiency impeller surpasses other available technologies, and is optimized to meet the challenging requirements of energy-transition processes.


Discharge pressure
Up to 400 bar
Pressure ratio
Up to 30:1
Max. inlet flow
Up to 300,000 am3/h
Max. number of phases
Over 20,000 rpm
In-line, back-to-back


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