• High water cut
  • Logging production and flow profile in one run
  • Resumed production four days sooner than with conventional production logging tools
  • Captured multiphase flow characterization in a single run
  • Reduced headcount on location

Case study details

An operator in the Middle East was experiencing high water cut and needed to determine exactly where the water was coming from, and how much water was being produced.

An assessment of the well’s production capabilities would help to understand the path of hydrocarbons, their flowing pressures, and to determine the types of fluids being produced. Baker Hughes recommended the SureVIEW™ TeleCoil™ intelligent monitoring and telemetry service. The service enhances operations through two single mode fibers for distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) logging in addition to powered bottomhole assembly (BHA) sensor tools. The pump-through sensor BHA permitted recording of gamma, CCL, pressure, and temperature data.

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