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  • Eliminates the need for a workover rig to perform intervention for substantial savings
  • Ensures fail-safe closure in the event of a seal leak
  • Eliminates the need to pull and replace the entire upper completion to be able to get the well back online

  • Deepwater wells
  • Intervention for failed TRSV

The REACH™ wireline-retrievable safety valve provides the industry’s first and only solution to bring ultra-deepwater wells with failed tubing-retrievable safety valves back online faster, safer, and more economically than a deepwater workover.



Deepwater workovers can cost as much as $60M to recomplete the well and may take a year or more to begin depending on rig availability. The REACH WRSV only requires a light well intervention (LWI) vessel to perform the job at approximately one-quarter the cost of a workover. This not only avoids the high CAPEX of a major rig workover but can also expedite plans as LWI can typically be deployed in about half the time, bringing the well back on sooner and recovering additional production quicker.



With traditional workovers, pulling the completion string requires considerable operations and logistics, as well as increased exposure to HSE risks. Utilizing a REACH WRSV eliminates problems that may arise with pulling and recompleting wells. In addition, the REACH WRSV reduces the number of personnel required on location, thus eliminating potential exposure to HSE risks.



The REACH WRSV is tubing pressure insensitive, allowing it to be operated by the same hydraulic control system that was originally used to operate the failed TRSV.

This allows you to:

• Remove the need to modify or change subsea equipment, eliminating further CAPEX

• Eliminate the need to pull the entire upper completion to perform the operation, so the original completion is still intact and operable after the intervention work is complete

• Avoid high CAPEX for equipment for a full recomplete and operating costs of a workover vessel

• Have valve inventory on hand, ready to go at a moment’s notice so that the well can be brought back online faster than a complete workover

• Take advantage of doing other LWI work at lower cost while the valve is deployed (i.e. chemical treatments) since the LWI vessel is already on location



The REACH WRSV is hydraulically controlled from the surface through the original control line that connects the inoperable TRSV to the surface emergency shutdown system. It is a normally closed valve, so that when the applied control chamber pressure is removed, the valve automatically returns to the closed position. Rather than utilizing a nitrogen charge, the Reach WRSV utilizes an atmospheric chamber, further enhancing reliability. Building on the same robust design principals as the existing REACH TRSV, the REACH WRSV is rated to 12,500 psi (861.8 bar) at 300°F (148.9°C) to ensure reliable performance in harsh, deepwater environments and it significantly exceeds API 14A Annex B V3 and V2 flow testing.

Choose the only wireline-retrievable safety valve that can bring your wells back online faster, safer, and more economically than a deepwater workover. Call your local Baker Hughes representative to learn how the REACH wireline-retrievable safety valve can help you get your wells back online in one quarter of the cost and in half the time.

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