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  • Accurately determine casing wear profile for improved remedial action planning
  • Track the effectiveness of scale and corrosion mitigation chemical treatment programs
  • Get processed data back in 12-18 hours for faster mitigation and repair turnarounds

  • Quantify extent of corrosion and scale/wax/solids build up
  • Accurately detect and locate holes, anomalies, or axially oriented metal loss
  • Assess mechanical damage and pipe distortion

Gain detailed insights into the surface condition of your pipe’s internal surface with the Baker Hughes Multifinger Imaging Tool (MIT). A mechanical caliper device, the MIT detects very small changes and relatively minor defects early, before they escalate to more serious and expensive issues impacting your casing string integrity.


Versatile measurement options

The MIT is available in a range of diameters to suit varying casing and tubing sizes. It is also available in a range of finger configurations from 24 up to 120 individual measurements, depending on the required resolution. The fingers increase with the diameter of the tool to maintain maximum surface coverage. The tool can be run in combination with other well integrity instruments and production logging tools.

When the MIT tool is run in hole, the fingers are closed to prevent damage. Once at logging depth, a motor is activated to open the fingers and extend them out from the tool body. As the tool is logged up the casing or tubing, the fingers run along the internal wall to provide a continuous measurement of the pipe’s surface condition.

The tool includes an inclinometer to indicate the finger positions relative to the high side of the pipe, which allows features to be orientated correctly during data processing.

You can generate 3D images of your pipe condition by incorporating the MIT data into the Sondex™ Well Integrity Visual Analysis (WIVA) software. And to gain a detailed statistical analysis of your pipe condition, use the MIT data in the Well Integrity Processing, Evaluation and Reporting (WIPER) software.

Contact us to learn how the Multifinger Imaging Tool can improve the accuracy of your pipe wall measurements.

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