• Lower your operating and maintenance expenses by reducing the number of injection pumps
  • Save storage space with fewer tanks
  • Treat multiple flow assurance issues continuously and right at the source

  • Fields with limited capital expenditure (CAPEX) to install additional injection lines and pumps
  • Offshore platforms with limited space for multiple chemical storage
  • Older fields with new production challenges but no budget for more injection lines



CHEMBINE™ combination products from Baker Hughes represent the unique combination of multiple chemical treatments integrated into one treatment package.


Effective treatment in an efficient package

Choose from hundreds of CHEMBINE products, depending on your application need, which have been successfully used on assets around the globe. These noncommodity, multifunctional products are available in a range of different combinations, in both dual or triple combination packages.

With CHEMBINE products, you can effectively and simultaneously treat multiple flow assurance problems—including corrosion, scale, iron sulfide, and asphaltenes—with one product. Save on the storage space and logistics costs associated with buying several different chemicals. And keep your maintenance costs down by reducing the number of pumps, injection lines, and umbilicals required.

Contact us to find out how CHEMBINE combination products can effectively treat your multiple flow assurance challenges while lowering your overall treatment costs.

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