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Our In-situ Fluids eXplorer™ (IFX™) service measures several in-situ fluid properties in real time for assessing fluid type, fluid phase, and contamination monitoring under reservoir temperature and pressure conditions. This superior technology reduces the risk of compromised pressure volume temperature (PVT) data that can occur during the retrieval, transportation, and transfer process before laboratory analysis.


Critical information when you need it most

The IFX service confirms and correlates pressure gradients to direct density measurements. Permeabilities are based on mobility and in-situ viscosity measurements. The service identifies compositional variation between zones and compartmentalization based on fluid compositional changes. The acquired data allows direct calculation of gas/oil ratio (GOR) and optimized fluid sampling for reduced cost and improved wellsite efficiency.

You’ll have critical information you need to determine an asset’s commercial value, make informed production facility decisions, and develop an optimal recovery strategy that maximizes your return on investment (ROI).

This technology, which is integral to the our Reservoir Characterization eXplorer™ (RCX™) service, allows an early assessment of your reservoir’s commercial value while also verifying reservoir connectivity or compartmentalization.


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