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Our Premier™ packer is a hydraulic-set, large-bore removable production packer that combines the performance of a permanent packer with the conveniences of a retrievable packer. V0-rated packers help anchor the production tubing in the well and prevent gas from migrating up the annulus. Installing a V0-rated packer helps maintain well control, delivering protection for people and the environment.

The Premier packer is ideally suited for big-bore completions and multizone, stacked-packer completions. Its retrieving options offer new alternatives to high-intervention-cost applications, and can attain up to API 11D1/ISO 14310 V0-H requirements for high performance. It can be configured for liner-top isolation, monobore completions, stacked single-selective completions, and interventionless deepwater or extended-reach completions.

The Premier packer’s modular design allows it to be threaded directly to the production string or connected with an anchor seal assembly, which provides the option of removing the tubing without retrieving the packer. One-trip setting is accomplished by pressuring up against a plugging device below the packer.

Retrieval on the production string is accomplished by cutting the mandrel with a chemical or mechanical cutting tool. Shift-to-release and shear release options also are available for medium service applications.

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