Avoid corrosion problems in your production tubing and casing deployments with regular inspections from the Baker Hughes Micro Vertilog™ (MVRT™) service. By detecting corrosion early, the service lets you take timely remedial action to maintain well and casing integrity and reduce the potential for production downtime.


Versatility and precision

The MVRT service is a magnetic flux-leakage (MFL) technology that determines the location, extent, and severity of corrosion and other metal loss defects in carbon steel tubulars. MFL creates a permanent magnet circuit to produce high levels of magnetic flux within the tubing or casing body wall. Defects in the wall, such as internal or external corrosion pitting, cause flux perturbations (leakage) that are detected by a circumferential array of inductive coil (FL) sensors.

The MVRT service also employs a circumferential array of discriminator (DIS) sensors—each aligned with a corresponding FL sensor—that responds to flux anomalies at the tubing’s inner surface only. With this combination of FL and DIS data, the MVRT service can differentiate easily between internal and external features.

The MVRT service’s single-conductor operation allows for a high axial sample rate of eight samples per inch.

The service also gives you deployment flexibility, with options to run by battery-powered memory on slickline or surface readout on electric wireline.

Contact us to learn how the Micro Vertilog service can help you maintain optimal well and casing integrity for uninterrupted production.


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