• Steel alloy construction maximizes integrity, durability and efficiency
  • Optimized hydraulic efficiency
  • Patented secondary bypass port to mitigate plugged nozzles

  • Casing and liner drilling or reaming operations
  • Drilling and completing problematic wells
  • Rubble zones lost-circulation zones, depleted reservoirs, and underground blowouts



Dramatically reduce your rig time by combining drilling and casing running with the EZCase™ casing bit system from Baker Hughes. Our proven system effectively reams through tight spots and extends your openhole intervals faster—all while decreasing the need for costly remedial work in problematic wells.


Reduce costs and flat time

The EZCase casing bit system incorporates a steel crown with full polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutting structure, which combines drilling and casing operations in one run. This design not only improves your drilling economics with less nonproductive time (NPT), but it also increases the likelihood of getting your casing or liner to total depth (TD) in unstable formations.

The gauge design’s tapered leading edge minimizes unintentional wellbore sidetracking by reducing reactive torque and sidecutting aggressiveness. And in the event of nozzle plugging, the EZCase casing bit system includes a secondary bypass port option that allows normal circulation or cementing to continue.

After reaching TD, the casing bit system can be efficiently milled out with a roller cone or custom-built PDC drillout bit. Fitting the EZCase casing bit system with our Genesis™ general-purpose PDC bit ensures that additional milling operations are unnecessary.

When drilling through severe loss zones or unstable formations, the EZCase casing bit system helps ensure that you can complete a well that otherwise may have been impossible.

Contact us today to learn how the EZCase casing bit system can optimize your drilling and casing running operations.

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