• Optimize predictability, operation time, pump rates, and amount of material pumped
  • Dynamically update safe operating guidelines, situational advice, and warnings based on real-time data

  • Display a virtual weight gauge that clearly delineates safety and operational limits
  • Continuously calculate the remaining fatigue life of the coiled tubing string



Update your coiled tubing (CT) job models with live field data with the CIRCA™ Real-Time (RT) modeling software from Baker Hughes. With the ability to reconfigure your models on the fly, CIRCA RT modeling software is like having an engineer with you in the cab.

Our coiled tubing experts use the CIRCA software suite to design your CT job and define operational limits prior to the job. As the job proceeds, the JobMaster™ monitoring and analysis system collects and monitors operational information. CIRCA RT software combs the new data in the JobMaster data stream and dynamically updates your operational model to reflect changing conditions.

CIRCA RT software offers unprecedented flexibility and control to your coiled tubing operations. The CIRCA RT displays:

  • Dynamic updates to calculate critical variables like weight gauge limits and gooseneck pressures
  • Alerts and warnings (traffic lights) when thresholds are reached
  • Recorded logs of all information for later examination
  • A constant visual feed showing coiled tubing position and reel rotation

Included with CIRCA RT, CYCLE™ pipe management software provides real-time pipe fatigue monitoring for managing coiled tubing life.

In conjunction with CIRCA simulation software and JobMaster data acquisition software, CIRCA RT software offers a smart, design-to-completion solution that seamlessly connects pre-job analysis with real-world variables. The result—enhanced safety, improved efficiency, and greater certainty of success.

Contact us today to learn how CIRCA RT simulation and analysis software can optimize your models with live data.

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