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  • Enables fast response to upsets, optimizes treatment programs, and reduces operational costs
  • Customizes displays to reflect your specific system with easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Reliably runs multiple programs onsite with upgraded system hardware

  • Cooling systems
  • Boiler systems



Improve your response time to water treatment system changes with the VIVID™ smart water treatment controller from Baker Hughes. This advanced water treatment controller provides real-time monitoring for all crucial components of your cooling and boiler systems—allowing you to quickly and accurately address any changes before they become larger and more expensive problems.


Get reliable, dependable, and continuous system monitoring

The VIVID smart water treatment controller was designed to keep pace with the dynamic and variable chemical demands of industrial water treatment systems. The controller advances treatment monitoring and response in several key ways:

  • An enhanced user interface, which includes a fully functional touch screen, increases system reliability, improves live data reviews, and eliminates communication lock ups.
  • Continuous monitoring capabilities provide automated program optimizations to confirm the treatment system is running smoothly with minimal human interaction. The controller quickly detects signs of corrosion, scaling, and other bacterial issues and responds before problems develop, saving you time and money.
  • Continuous monitoring with the online VIVID smart probe feature detects levels of DemandTrac™ dispersant in the system. You can accurately read and automatically control the desired amount of chemical to maintain system performance, without incurring overtreatment costs.
  • Enhanced reporting features reduce the need for daily manual readings. The controller monitors the high, low, and average data points of various parameters, including your pH and conductivity readings. Use these data to make better operational decisions, evaluate changes in your water treatment system, or gain greater confidence in your environmental and regulatory reporting.


Ensure program effectiveness for optimal system performance

Get greater assurances of your treatment program effectiveness from our team of experts, who continually review the data to confirm your facility is operating at its maximum performance.

Ultimately, the controller’s enriched technology and proven reliability give you a simple, effective, and automated solution to help optimize process throughput, increase energy efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce capital and maintenance costs.

Contact us to learn how the VIVID smart water treatment controller can increase the efficiency of your water treatment operations.

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