• Get effective isolation with less time and risk
  • Work over your well live while reducing operational costs

  • Temporary or permanent abandonment and zonal isolation
  • Temporary frac barrier
  • Lower zone gas or water shutoff



Achieve superior, cost-effective well isolation and water conformance with thru-tubing bridge plug solutions from Baker Hughes.

Built on our pioneering thru-tubing inflatable technology, our thru-tubing bridge plugs give you both permanent and temporary isolation options and reliable operation outside the range of conventional plugging tools.


Get assured performance with flexible deployment

Working with our application experts, you’ll find the optimal bridge plug solution for your application.

Permanent bridge plugs provide excellent permanent abandonment or gas and water shutoff in your lower zones. These plugs are easily conveyed on either coiled tubing or electric wireline and then inflate and set reliably for their desired service life. Set the bridge plug while leaving your completion in place, so that you can conduct your workover without killing the well.

Our retrievable bridge plugs can be used as effective primary or secondary barriers to perform the same functions as a traditional bridge plug, but in a thru-tubing environment. And by using slickline to selectively place, activate, and retrieve these bridge plugs, you’ll see both cost and operational advantages thanks to a smaller footprint, lower weight and cost, flexible availability, and ease of use.

By combining the speed and efficiency of slickline with the simplicity of our retrievable bridge plug systems, you’ll benefit from a lower cost, less complex deployment—without the need for a workover unit or for coiled tubing.

Contact us to learn how thru-tubing bridge plugs can help you achieve a simple, cost-effective well isolation solution.

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