• Effectively controls shallow-water and gas flows
  • Sets quickly and effectively
Other Benefits

  • Provides early compressive strength development at low temperatures



Control shallow water and gas flow in your deepwater wells—safely and effectively—with the DeepSet™ cementing system from Baker Hughes.


Ensure a quality cement job for the life of your well

Part of the Set for Life™ family of cement systems, the DeepSet cementing system helps isolate and protect the targeted zone—for the life of the well. But because a single slurry does not fit every application, we have developed our DeepSet system with unlimited design flexibility for your deepwater wells.

The DeepSet system is designed to provide early compressive strength development at low temperatures with minimal transition time. You can also use it as the primary completion cement and the base cement for foamed lightweight cement.


Optimize your deepwater cementing with proven deployment systems

The DeepSet cementing system uses state-of-the-art pumping equipment, like the Seahawk™ cement unit, to help ensure a quality cement job.

The Seahawk unit is a dual skid-mounted offshore cementing and well control unit that accurately maintains precise slurry density control and consistency over a wide range of performance requirements in deepwater wells.

The unit includes an integral precision slurry mixing system, along with advanced control and monitoring systems, to ensure precise control over job parameters, real-time job data acquisition, and post-job analysis. The Seahawk unit offers full redundancy in its pumping and mixing systems—delivering vastly improved reliability and reduced nonproductive time.

Contact us today to learn how deepwater cementing services from Baker Hughes can maximize the long-term performance of your deepwater zonal isolation jobs.

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