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  • Remove sand and solids in a single run
  • Eliminate the need for nitrogen for circulation, thus reducing logistical issues and reducing costs

  • Ultralow-pressure reservoirs
  • Well cleanup and unloading
  • Heavy-oil and sand-producing wells



When standard circulating methods aren’t effective for cleaning out your low-pressure wellbores, count on concentric coiled tubing (CCT) solutions from Baker Hughes. An integral part of our wellbore cleanout and vacuuming systems, our CCT solutions help isolate the fluids from the reservoir and allow continuous returns—without the supply and logistics challenges of using nitrogen.


Meet your well cleaning objectives in a single run

The Baker Hughes Sand-Vac™, Well-Vac™, and Tele-Vac™ solutions use CCT combined with a proprietary downhole switchable jet pump to remove solids and liquids from ultralow-pressure wellbores that are not treatable with standard circulating methods. This system uses a single-phase fluid that enables the cleanout to be performed with simplified logistics and reduced costs when compared with circulating nitrified fluids.

Liquid pumped down the CCT’s inner tubing string and through the jet pump nozzle creates a localized pressure drop that essentially vacuums wellbore fluids and entrained solids.

While deployed in the well, the system can be switched between multiple operating modes to achieve all of your objectives in a single run. In Sand-Vac and Well-Vac mode, the combined return flow enters the jet pump diffuser and recovers pressure from the nozzle to drive the return fluids to the surface via the CCT annulus.

In your extended-length producing intervals, these systems handle crossflow or thief-zone challenges that typically hamper conventional circulation cleanouts.

Contact us to learn how concentric coiled tubing can optimize your well cleanout operations.

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