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  • Reduce pipe friction and minimize surface horsepower requirements with low-viscosity properties
  • Improve proppant transport and limit fluid losses
  • Ensure better cleanup and enhance job design flexibility with synthetic polymers

  • Linear gel system alternative for conventional guar
  • Hydraulic fracturing operations in conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Gravel- and frac-pack operations



Boost the efficiency of your stimulation treatments with the premium-performing AquaPerm™ fracturing fluid system from Baker Hughes.


Get the performance you need without damaging your formation

With the AquaPerm fracturing fluid system, you can achieve the viscosity required to efficiently boost the proppant-carrying capability of conventional slickwater fluids. But unlike conventional guar-based gelling agents, this premium-performing guar alternative increases fracturing fluid viscosity—without residues that can damage fracture conductivity, reduce permeability, and minimize production.

Unlike conventional linear gel fracturing fluids, AquaPerm uses a nondamaging synthetic polymer to reduce pipe friction, enabling high-rate treatments with minimal hydraulic horsepower requirements and rapid fluid flowback after the job.

The fluid system also provides clean, controllable breaks with our HighPerm™ encapsulated breakers to ensure excellent permeability and fracture conductivity while minimizing formation damage.

And because AquaPerm is compatible with fresh water, light brines, clay control additives, and surfactants, you’re assured lower costs and logistics associated with water sourcing, management, and disposal.

Contact us to learn how the AquaPerm fracturing fluid system can maximize the effectiveness of your hydraulic fracturing programs.

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