Multizone stimulation systems from Baker Hughes give you wide-ranging, cost-effective solutions to design deepwater wells with minimal time and risk. Our systems effectively address the most complex completions challenges for your long-lateral or multiple-pay-zone wells—saving you money and optimizing your production potential in the process.

  • The DEEPFRAC™ deepwater multistage fracturing service uses ball-activated, multiposition sleeves and BeadScreen™ flowback control technology to revolutionize the efficiency and economics of your offshore completions. The DEEPFRAC service simplifies your logistics, accelerates completion times, and enables rapid stimulation of 20 or more stages in a single trip.
  • The Hammerhead™ ultradeepwater completion and production system is the industry’s first fully integrated completion and production system for your frontier plays. Featuring full-service upper and lower completion systems and full-time surveillance from a fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing system, Hammerhead enhances ultimate oil recovery in your most extreme ultradeepwater plays.
  • The MST Multizone single-trip completion system gives you the unparalleled ability to frac-pack multiple zones in a single trip. At the same time, you get complete zone isolation both before and after treatment as well as selective or commingled production control.
  • The PERF-FRAQ™ perforating and frac-packing system gives you a proven solution to perforate and frac pack your sandface completions—in a single tool and with a single trip downhole. Combining the latest tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) gun system frac-packing tools, PERF-FRAQ delivers a time-saving, cost-effective completion solution for cased-hole, high-rate frac-pack wells.
  • The SC-XP select gravel- and frac-pack system gives you a versatile, cost-effective sand control solution for your land, inland water, shelf, and deepwater applications—all in a single platform. Get assured control with the system’s streamlined design, which simplifies your operations by minimizing the number of crossover tool working positions. The SC-XP system also gives you a broad performance envelope at temperatures up to 350°F (177°C) and treating pressures up to 12,000 psi (82.7 MPa).

Contact us to learn how our multizone stimulation systems can optimize your deepwater completions and long-term production.

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