• Provides effective fluid loss control at up to 280°F (138°C) and differentials up to 1,500 psi
  • Removes easily from the formation face by clean up with dilute acid
  • Mixes safely and easily with no special mixing requirements other than standard PPE

  • Completion or workover operations
  • Controlling loss of clear brine fluid to the formation



Control loss of clear brine fluids to your formation with the TEXPLUG™ XL cross-linked fluid loss control pill from Baker Hughes.

The pre-cross-linked, chemically modified cellulose polymer controls fluid loss by applying a highly viscous material across your formation face—virtually stopping the flow of brine into the formation.

The TEKPLUG XL polymer gel comes as a premixed concentrate that is added directly to your completion brine. Combine the concentrate and working brine in a batch mix tank or slugging pit, where fluid agitation allows the fluid loss control pill to form quickly and easily.

The TEKPLUG XL pill holds in place on the formation face—without the need for bridging solids or viscous drag within the formation.

Contact us to learn how the TEKPLUG XL crosslinked fluid loss control pill can minimize fluid losses during your completions or workovers.

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