• Deploy in wells with bottomhole temperatures up to 400 °F (204°C)
  • Improve stimulation efficiency with self-diverting functionality
  • Maximize fracture width and reduce leakoff with surfactant-based, gelled acid

  • Acid fracturing operations in carbonate formations
  • Matrix acidizing in high-permeability carbonate formations
  • Diversion in matrix sandstones and extended-reach horizontal wells



Optimize acidizing jobs in your high-temperature wells with Divert™ HT acid systems from Baker Hughes. Our high- temperature, surfactant-based gelling agents deliver effective diversion in acidizing treatments in your wells with bottomhole temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

Stimulate production from your carbonate formations with Divert HT’s self-diverting, surfactant-gelled acids designed primarily with hydrochloric (HCl) acid. Divert HT acid systems have low viscosity in concentrated HCl acid, but viscosity increases as the acid spends. This self-diversion feature enables more complete and efficient treatment of your formations with varied permeability.

The system can also be designed with hydrofluoric (HF) acid for sandstone acidizing diversion. In these applications, diverter pills can be created with ammonium chloride brine for diversion of HF acid stages (Sandstone Divert).   

Baker Hughes’ Sandstone Divert with internal breaker (Breaker D) delivers improved acid placement and coverage in applications where previous VES systems fell short. The novel diverter system has a proven track record of increasing post-acidizing PI,  particularly in high-temperature wells with long pump times.  

Stimulation jobs that were previously not viable, as no internal breakers existed on the market  1) provide a delayed break profile at high bottomhole temperature (BHT), 2) ensure the diverter is set for the entire acid treatment (especially on long pump times), and 3) completely break the VES system to allow flow back. 

Under certain conditions, these products can also be used in temperatures below 225°F (107°C).

High temperatures, dilution with water, or contact with hydrocarbon liquids such as oil or solvent will reduce the viscosity for easy cleanup and flowback. An internal breaker can also be used.

Contact us to learn how the Divert HT acid system can optimize acidizing jobs in your high-temperature wells.

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