Hydration equipment from Baker Hughes provides the cost-effective control and flexibility you need to ensure effective hydration of your frac fluid systems.

Our equipment combines the necessary volume and mixing shear to completely hydrate and blend your fracturing fluids prior to pumping them downhole. You can select from a range of hydration units depending on the delivering rate capacity that you require.

Our mobile, truck-mounted units are designed to carry liquid frac concentrate (LFC) and dry polymer-based gels (in the Dry-on-the-Fly™ hydration units) and provide the necessary residence times for complete hydration prior to adding proppant. The units then deliver the hydrated fluids to the frac blender at rates ranging from 5 to 60 bpm (0.8 to 9.5 m3), depending on your pumping requirements.

The units have four compartment tanks with a total fluid capacity of 200 bbl (31.8 m3). And with advances including automated/manual pump and tub level control, ratio control, fixed flow control, mechanical pump speed sensors, and in-line viscosity and pH meters, you’re assured reliable and precise control of each step of the hydration process.

Contact us to learn how hydration equipment from Baker Hughes can help optimize your frac fluid preparation.

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Hydration equipment