• Minimizes production downtime
  • Avoids costly, time-consuming interventions and workovers
  • Provides a permanent patching solution

  • Well workovers
  • Zonal isolation
  • Well interventions



Don’t let a damaged casing section put your production on hold. Casing patch systems from Baker Hughes provide fast, effective repair of your corroded or leaking downhole casing sections to bring your well back into production.


Full-suite patching solutions with less cost and risk

Through our in-house expertise and the technology support of our proven industry partners, we provide a full suite of casing patches and accessories to repair your casing string—while avoiding the costly removal of the entire string from the hole.

  • Effectively seal off your damaged or leaking casing with the Bowen Packer Type Casing Patch. An external catch tool, the patch engages and packs off a previously prepared fish to provide a permanent, leak-proof solution. The patch ensures positive engagement and positive seal-off from either direction. And once set, it provides years of assured leak protection, without restricting the bore of the casing or tubing.
  • Ensure a clean top for your casing patch operations with the SUPERLOY™ cutting and milling tools. Made of the highest quality cutting tungsten carbide, SUPERLOY effectively dresses off the OD or ID of the casing prior to running the patch downhole. It also works effectively on milling loose junk such as bit cones, tong dies, and packers as well as for washing over stuck or cemented pipe.
  • Confidently set underwater casing patches with the Type B Casing and Tubing Spear. An in-line spear, the Type B is designed to protect the slips when running down inside a fish and may be run to any depth. Once it has entered your lower casing string, the B Type spear easily engages with the casing, sets the patch, and is released.
  • Establish high-pressure circulation during the patching job with our high-pressure packoff assembly. With its simple design consisting of a packoff sub with packing and retainer rings, the assembly converts a standard overshot to a permanent patch.


Bowen Packer Type Casing Patches are available through our industry partner, National Oilwell Varco.

Want to learn more about how Baker Hughes casing patch systems can quickly repair casing downhole and bring you back into profitable production? Contact us today.

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