On Demand Inspection and Consulting
Our experts will provide what you need for your inspection and consulting

When it comes to needing and finding the information that will keep your plant up and running smoothly, or reaching the expert who can help with inspections, Waygate Technologies is easy to reach and available to you.

We will create a true partnership with you to determine your current and future business needs. Our NDT industry experts will find a tailored solution for potential future problems. They will advise on spare parts that you will need and should have in your inventory. Our team of experts will follow up with you to ensure that your testing equipment and NDT systems are aligned and ready to work for you.

Our expert consultants and service technicians are trained to provide exactly what you need for your system. We have 120 years of experience across multiple industries, so we have what it takes to keep your plant running at its best.

Interactive Image Card Radiography & CT Inspection Services
On-Demand Radiography & CT Inspection Services
Interactive Image Card Remote Visual Inspection and Cleaning Services
Remote Visual Inspection and Cleaning Services
Interactive Image Card Advanced Robotic Services
Advanced Robotic Services
Interactive Image Card Ultrasound Consulting Services
Ultrasound Consulting Services

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