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Welcome to Panametrics

We offer solutions for measuring and analyzing moisture, oxygen, liquid, steam, and gas flow with proven technologies that are well-known and widely deployed across many industries, including oil and gas.

Whether you're looking for flare management solutions to achieve regulatory compliance, custody transfer flow meters to ensure the accuracy of your high-value assets, moisture and gas analyzers to stay on top of your moisture levels, or you require outside expertise to support your current processes - Panametrics has a solution for you.

What we do
Flare Management
Flow Meters
Process Analyzers
Flare Management


Our extensive knowledge of flare applications provides more than just flow information. With tools like the flare.IQ platform which utilizes an advanced process control algorithm, we are able to work with our customers to efficiently control flares, while also providing world-class ultrasonic flowmeters, services, and training you need to keep your operation running smoothly.


Flare Flow Measurement
Our flare gas mass flow meters provide critical flow data and diagnostics reliably over a wide flow range (turn-down ratio) with excellent low-end resolution to help improve the efficiency.
flare.IQ for flare emission management
flare.IQ is a full-stream flare solution based on a well-proven ultrasonic flare flow measurement technology.
Flow Meters

Panametrics offers a wide range of flow measurement instruments from in-line, wetted, and clamp-on, to portable and insertion flow meter solutions for all of your flow measurement needs. When you're transferring ownership of high-value raw and refined assets like petroleum and crude oil, our custody transfer meters are designed to give you accurate, reliable figures you can trust. 

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panaflow HT
Process Flow Meters
Our process flow meters, which come in both ultrasonic and vortex varieties, are excellent solutions for the accurate measurement of various fluids in your pipeline.
Portable Flow Meters
The portables line from Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, offers both ultrasonic liquid and gas clamp-on flow meters: The TransPort PT878GC for gas; and the TransPort PT900 for liquid.
Process Analyzers

We offer a wide array of moisture and gas analyzer systems that enable you to make process decisions with confidence. Reliable and stable, our products and services are backed by decades of industry experience and by knowledgeable experts to help you understand your application. 

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Moisture Measurement
Panametrics, provides reliable moisture analyzers to support your process decisions. Our moisture analyzers detect leaks in the gas process and in your pressurized pipeline system, and help identify trace moisture in gas for
Oxygen & Gas Measurement
Panametrics, offers industrial oxygen and gas analyzers that improve process efficiency, optimize reactors, and provide greater confidence for petrochemical, power generation, and combustion efficiency applications

Panametrics has an experienced staff of customer support personnel ready to respond to your inquiries and to support your onsite or remote needs. Our flexible and scalable support services offerings range from training and product repairs to extended warranties and field assessments. 


Panametrics has an experienced staff of customer support personnel ready to respond to your inquiries and to support your onsite or remote needs.
Support Information
Contact Panametrics Customer Care, Field Service or our Technical Support teams.

Learn about Panametrics' Industry Solutions
  • District Energy
  • Food and Beverage
  • Geothermal
  • Hydrogen
  • LNG
  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • Refinery
  • Semiconductor
  • Water and wastewater
district energy

District Energy Solutions from Panametrics

As energy costs rise, energy efficiency becomes increasingly important. This has been recognized in both public and private sectors. Even comparatively small changes in energy performance and the way we use each building will have a significant effect in reducing total energy consumption. Ultrasonic solutions for steam flow measurement can provide advantages over traditional technologies.

Beverage factory - Panametrics for flowmeter for Food and beverage

Panametrics brings hygenic solutions to the Food & Beverage Industries

Food & Beverage industries are usually characterized by high water consumption and considerable wastewater discharge volumes. For this reason, they face significant costs for water supply and trade effluent disposal.

Geothermal Plant

Geothermal Solutions from Panametrics

With a reach that extends across the globe, Panametrics’ critical measurement solutions for flow and steam are enabling geothermal operators to increase reliability, reduce its labor costs and improve the technology with advanced diagnostics.

Hydrogen Power

Solutions for Hydrogen Economy

Today the majority of hydrogen is produced from natural gas in a process called steam methane reforming. This is an energy intensive process and a significant contributor to global emissions. This is where Panametrics comes in to play. With our sensor technologies, we measure the hydrogen purity and also impurities in the hydrogen such as moisture and oxygen.

LNG Image 1

Solutions for Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

We’re committed to producing LNG solutions that deliver reliable, high-accuracy measurements – even in extreme conditions – for safer operations and more uptime. Building on our extensive experience measuring gas and liquid flow in all LNG stages, we’re able to offer solutions for pre-treatment all the way through to regasification.


Panametrics’ experience and solutions in Renewable Natural Gas Industry

Panametrics process analyzers and flow measurement devices have been ensuring customer and process safety for decades. As a recognized leader in measuring and analyzing moisture, oxygen, liquid, steam, and gas, you can be sure that we provide the best combination of technology and expertise to ensure accurate process measurements.

EFS_September 2022_Egypt Flare_refinery example

Refinery Solutions from Panametrics

For 60 years, we have been solving the challenges our customers experience everyday across the oil and gas industry. Now more than ever, we know how critical it is for refineries to produce more output at a lower cost, efficiently and safely.

Semicon Industry

Bringing solutions to the Semiconductor industry

Research has proven that precise control of the oxygen content and reliable, contamination free flow measurement on ultrapure water, utility water and gas, as well as raw water and wastewater are required for chips and other electronics components manufactured in clean rooms down to class 1.

Water and wastewater plant

Panametrics’ experience and solutions in water and wastewater

Panametrics’ flow meters and oxygen analyzers can help your water treatment facility to get the most out of challenging operations through innovative technology. Our flow meters and oxygen analyzers can improve accuracy and enhance reliability with on-demand readings and tablet to transmitter communication and reduce your maintenance costs.

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