Operations Monitoring services from Baker Hughes give you the real-time data you need to address downhole challenges quickly and cost-effectively. Our services, which combine integrated data visualization, structured workflows, and detailed collection and recording of real-time operational data, can help you avoid costly non-productive time (NPT) and get your well to target depth (TD) at minimal expense.

Our array of monitoring services gives you insights that improve your drilling efficiency in several ways.

Reduce downhole risks. Get to TD faster and safer with high-quality data interpretation that helps you quickly react to changes in the complex interplay of geologic, hydraulic, and mechanical factors.

Avoid drilling downtime. Monitor your drilling operations at the wellsite to look for variations in pump torque or pressure, penetration rates, or gas levels, and quickly react to keep your equipment running at optimal performance.

Optimize your entire drilling operation. Integrate your operations data with information from other surface logging services like the SIGNALS™ Defense wellbore integrity service and the SIGNALS™ Optime drilling optimization service to maintain well control, prevent stuck pipe, and reach TD with a high-quality wellbore.

Contact us to learn how our Operations Monitoring services can help you optimize your drilling operations while avoiding serious well control threats.

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