• Effectively transfers casing string weight to the seabed
  • Takes strain off the jackup rig for safer drilling operation

  • Jackup drilling up to 450 feet (137 m)
  • Anchoring horizontal or conventional subsea trees for subsea completions

For jackup rigs drilling in deeper waters, shifting the weight of the well from the platform to the seabed is an essential safety requirement. Mudline suspension solutions from Baker Hughes provide the answer. Starting in the early 60s and continuing into today, our mudline equipment safely transfers all the weight of the casing strings to the seabed. 

Typically tied back to the surface wellhead on the jackup platform, our mudline equipment helps ensure safer shallow-water drilling at water depths up to 450 feet (137 m). The equipment allows for the reliable installation of individual mudline hangers with each casing string, which interconnect at a preset point below the mudline. Our mudline equipment also provides an efficient way to anchor a horizontal or conventional tree as part of a subsea completion.

Select from a wide range of mudline suspension equipment for your specific drilling needs. Our most widely applicable solutions include:

  • MLC mudline suspension equipment. The most cost-effective system in our product line, the MLC is a single-load shoulder design rated to 10,000 psi and with a load capacity to meet standard jackup drilling programs. An MLC-E (Enhanced) version is furnished with a left-hand makeup hand running thread and right-hand makeup tieback thread. The MLC-E complies with API 17D (3rd edition) and can be monogrammed.
  • MLL mudline suspension equipment. Designed for deeper wells requiring higher load capabilities, the MLL is equipped with a multiple load shoulder and is rated to 15,000 psi for 9 5/8-in. and smaller suspension assemblies. An MLL-E version is API 17D (3rd edition)-compliant and can be monogrammed.
  • Design enhancements for more reliable sealing and load bearing. Our mudline equipment comes installed with innovative design features including stack-down for improved tieback reliability, dual threads and metal-to-metal seals for higher sealing efficiency, and patented serpentine collets for extreme load bearing capacity.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to select the optimal mudline suspension solution for your jackup rig.

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