The Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids team delivers Intelligent Fluids Solutions – products and services designed so that every drilling fluid we manufacture and deploy enables operators to:

  • Make faster, more accurate decisions in a more demanding, more digital world

  • Be confident that the job will be performed on time, on target, with unparalleled service delivery

  • Solve business and operational challenges with a portfolio of products and services that span the lifecycle of the asset

Intelligent Fluids Solutions are built on three pillars
  • We are intelligent. Today’s digital capabilities represent only a small portion of what our industry will need tomorrow. That’s why we’re making significant investments in software, automation, and artificial intelligence. We’re also investing in people skilled at innovating the drilling fluids technology of tomorrow – always maintaining our commitment to safety, integrity, and a lower carbon footprint.

  • We are fluids. Our focus is solely on fluids, with a portfolio that spans drilling fluids, completion fluids, and technologies to manage fluids waste. The people who develop and deploy our products and services are trained, committed and energized to take fluids forward.

  • We are solutions. Partnership and collaboration are a constant for us – from the solutions we develop, to the way we manage the job cycle, to the way we conduct our business after the job is done. And we are unique in that we are part of something bigger – the world’s premier energy technology company, Baker Hughes.

In combination, these pillars differentiate us and make us the industry’s only choice for Intelligent Fluids Solutions.

Let’s work together to develop an Intelligent Fluids Solution that will optimize your drilling performance and maximize the long-term value of your oil and gas wells.

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