Drilling depleted or low-pressure zones can be challenging. These zones regularly lead to fluid loss and differentially stuck pipe, driving up your non-productive time and increasing drilling costs. Our AQUA-MAGIC™ wellbore stabilizer and lubricant increases your drilling efficiency by mitigating differential sticking and improving wellbore stability.

Designed for water-based drilling fluids, AQUA-MAGIC well lubricant is nontoxic, oil-free, and non-sheening. The additive may be used as a differential sticking preventative while drilling, or as a spotting fluid while running casing through depleted or subnormal pressure zones.


Recommended treatment

For optimal performance, we recommended treatment levels of 2 to 4% by volume. When running casing through a depleted zone, it is best to spot 10% by volume in the open hole through the problem zone. Subsequent maintenance requirements will depend on mud dilution.


  • Creates a tough, thin filter cake that improves wellbore integrity and stability while preventing differential sticking

  • Enhances lubricity to reduce torque and drag

  • Is thermally stable to 350˚F (177˚C)

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