• Gain increased shale stability and inhibition
  • Leverage the fluid’s improved lubricity to drill with reduced torque and drag
  • Lower risks of differential sticking

  • Conventional and unconventional wells up to 400°F (204°C)



Optimize your drilling efficiency in high-temperature reservoirs with the CARBO-DRILL™ oil-based drilling fluid system from Baker Hughes. Designed to deliver high penetration rates and superior wellbore stability, CARBO-DRILL oil-based drilling fluids give you reliable drilling performance in environments up to 400°F (204°C).


Maximize drilling performance with customized solutions

CARBO-DRILL oil-based drilling fluids are invert emulsion systems formulated for efficiency and effectiveness. The system is composed of specially designed products that withstand high water content and exhibit rheology comparable to more conventional oil-based fluid systems.

Specific product components include:

  • CARBO-MUL™ and CARBO-TEC™ emulsifiers that emulsify and stabilize the interface between the aqueous, internal phase and external oil phase of the oil-based fluid system
  • CARBO-GEL™ viscosifiers that increase the drilling fluid’s carrying capacity and hole cleaning characteristics while aiding in emulsion stability and fluid loss control
  • CARBO-TROL™ filtration control additives, designed for economical fluid-loss control into the formation during drilling

CARBO-DRILL oil-based drilling fluids use diesel or mineral oil as the external phase for a variety of drilling applications. Then, Baker Hughes drilling fluid experts customize the fluid design by blending these components at the optimal ratio to achieve your desired fluid properties.

And to ensure that the fluid formulation truly meets your required specifications, we work with you to pilot test the fluid before fully deploying it as part of your drilling program. The fluids exhibit excellent lubricity for reduced torque and drag, even in high-solids drilling environments. They can also be reclaimed for use in future drilling jobs, lowering your drilling costs from one well to the next.

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