• Optimized efficiency, availability, and plant productivity
  • Reduced maintenance costs, and improved maintenance preparation to mitigate unplanned events
  • Dedicated feasibility studies; advanced technology injection and upgrade for all applications

  • 3D-scanned virtual models of plant or machine to enable maintenance planning and complex feasibility studies
  • Tailored cybersecurity solutions for customers who have a dedicated cyber asset protection (CAP) program
  • On-site components inspection and qualification; performance test analysis and new technology selection based on results

  • Gas and steam turbines
  • Centrifugal, reciprocating, and axial compressors
  • Pumps, control systems, auxiliaries, and balance of plant




The Baker Hughes Advisory Service team manages a wide range of customer requests in the after-market spectrum. All our members have significant technical expertise in their disciplines, and our capabilities include preparation for outage events, parts inventory analysis, technical issue resolution, cybersecurity improvements, fleet optimization, availability and reliability improvements, complex feasibility studies—and much more.

We identify all the correct actions needed for successful project execution from every angle, from beginning to end. Following a thorough asset survey, conducted either on-site or remotely, we deliver a tailored report covering as-is details and the recommended improvement solution.

With unmatched experience spanning every turbomachinery application in the world, our solutions draw on the industry's widest portfolio of knowledge and proven technologies to reduce costs and deliver high payback.


Three-tiered inspections to meet all needs

Our Advisory Service offers different depths of inspections and customized approaches to suit your needs. We go beyond standard inspection methodologies and develop project-specific methods to ensure that each customer's unique commercial and technical needs are fully addressed.


Advisory Service 1

Level 1 inspections apply a 360° site analysis to deliver a best-in-class perspective driven by:

  • Direct contact between our experts and the customer team
  • Deep engineering experience
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Project-supporting schedule
  • Fast low-invasive inspections
  • Detailed scope-of-work definition


Advisory Service 2

Level 2 inspections add exceptional services:

  • Hands-on inspections such as focused borescope inspection
  • High-resolution 3D laser scan in preparation for  lifting plan, feasibility studies, or to reduce HSE risk for parts-handling operations
  • Targeted analysis of site’s current hacking risk exposure, and cybersecurity solutions


Advisory Service 3

Level 3 inspections support site assessments for complex rehabilitation or rejuvenation projects:

  • Structuring of site-focused checklists in preparation for specific field service inspections
  • Roadblocks assessment and mitigation plan
  • Remote site inspections supported by advanced communication systems
  • Integrated Gantt chart with resources and parts identification



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