Optimize specific completion requirements with shaped charges

Our perforating charges are engineered to match specific completion requirements. They come in a wide range of gun sizes, shot density, shot-phasing options, and temperature ratings. Each gun system and charge has features and benefits that can be readily identified and used in your selection criteria.

The DeepConnect reservoir-driven perforating charges deliver better reservoir connectivity through deeper formation penetration. Through numerical modeling and advanced testing in realistic downhole conditions, DeepConnect shaped charges can achieve up to 50% additional penetration in some of the most challenging reservoir conditions.

The Predator™ ZX super deep-penetrating perforating charges are a market leader in penetration and performance. The Predator ZX family of shaped charges achieve superior performance for natural completions by creating more connectivity to the undisturbed area of the formation. The system achieves this by extending perforation penetration up to 30% farther than the depth reached by our Predator™ XP high-performance shaped charges.

The Predator XP charges are our premium line of deep-penetrating charges, offering penetration past the damaged or invaded zone.

Our Predator™ XS shaped charges address the needs for a stimulated completion. These shaped charges alleviate some frac problems encountered when perforating with deep penetrating perforators. The design optimizes the hole size for the stimulation. It keeps penetration deep enough to get past much of the near wellbore damage and exposes more of the formation. Predator XS charges enable you to have more successful frac jobs and help decrease cost. In some cases, they reduce the horsepower required to initiate the fractures in the formation.

The Predator FP™ high-performance shaped charges are big-hole charges designed for sand-control applications. They offer maximum area open to flow in the casing for optimal reservoir drainage. 

Our Predator DP™ shaped charges are designed for reliable performance at reduced cost.

All our charges are manufactured and tested in accordance with the rigid API RP-19B specification.

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